Thursday, November 20, 2008

Granting the cityhood of Tabuk to build a city

“The city, as one finds it in history, is the point of maximum concentration for the power and culture of a community. It is the place where the diffused rays of many separate beams of life fall into focus, with gains in both social effectiveness and significance. The city is the form and symbol of an integrated social relationship: it is the seat of the temple, the market, the hall of justice, the academy of learning. Here in the city the goods of civilization are multiplied and manifolded; here is where human experience is transformed into viable signs, symbols, patterns of conduct, systems of order. Here is where the issues of civilization are focused: here too, ritual passes on occasion into the active drama of a fully differentiated and self-conscious society.” from the Introduction to The Culture of Cities, 1938.

Today people think of a city with overcrowded structures and towers, where business is everywhere and every human need is provided. But what really our needs? Building a city is like building a house for our family. We start to look for a location, We say what we want and let Architects do the floor plan and house design, we finance for the construction, and let engineers and carpenters do the construction. Now we want to build a green city and one of the perfect location is Tabuk .Look at Tabuk today, we have 60m wide streets, wide land area to be transformed, very small numbers of squatters to be relocated and the perfect place to build a city.

Tabuk should be granted cityhood inorder for its dream to achieve a perfect city in harmony with the people and nature. Urban Planning and zoning had already been started in Tabuk, where Commercial areas, Agricultural Lands, Schools and churches, roads and drainages, recreational etc. are concentrated into one ideal site. If we call it a floor plan in architecture, it is Urban Master Plan in a city to be built. Imagine building a house and sketch the floor plans afterwards. Imagine designing a perfect Urban Master Plan in a city that is overcrowded and over populated, where many structures exist. This is the symbol of stupidity of some of the league of cities in the Philippines, and yet they claimed that they are cities, where squatters are everywhere, a city that is a flood zone because they didn’t even plan for a drainage system, a city of crime and violence, a city of prostitutes, a city whose sidewalks are the bed of its citizen during the night, a city of garbage. They are the cities of demolition and creation, where they construct projects and demolished it afterwards. These are the modern scammers because they destroy and build. Some of these cities have even been granted fertilizers while in fact they don’t have any agricultural lands; they are giving mercy to the street people and attract some other more from provinces. In short and simple language “a city of immorality and the symbol of poverty”. These are the problems of some big cities in the Philippines and the only solution is to create more cities, to provide the people with more opportunities and not to overcrowd them and let them die in hunger. These are the problems Tabuk City is looking forward to avoid.

Tabuk had already started to build a city and yet this League of Cities are the torns and obstacles for the people of Tabuk to achieve a peaceful and successful life. We have already our Urban master plan, we have engineers, architects, contractors and workers, but we don’t have the budget to continue the implementation if we lost our cityhood. It is not too late for the Supreme Court to reverse its decision, we don’t want Tabuk grow bigger and bigger without such planning and financing. We don’t want Tabuk be granted cityhood when illegal settlers and businessman flocks the Municipality of Tabuk and establish their businesses wherever they want The income of Municipalities should not be a basis, but of course it was the law. However it is not a guarantee to the people that high income cities have the most prosperous and successful citizens. Where there are prostitutes, criminals, street children, squatters, the poorest of the poor, and the elite of the elites, that is the impression of other cities in the Philippines.

With a 6-5 votes from justices The Supreme Court (SC) declared unconstitutional the 16 Cityhood Laws that were enacted by Congress to convert 16 towns into cities. This is an indication that our laws are not clear. They are made to be opinionated and each justices has its own interpretation of the law.

"Since the law is clear, plain and unambiguous that any municipality desiring to convert into a city must meet the increased income requirement, there is no reason to go beyond the letter of the law in applying Section 450 of the Local Government Code, as amended by R.A. 9009," the SC pointed out.

When the law is clear it should have been a unanimous decision. They should stop using the Phrase “When the Law is clear” because there are no clear laws after all. Each individual has its own opinion and interpretation of the law.

Lets give Tabuk a chance, in the future we will be very proud, head up and shout “WE BUILD THIS CITY!!”

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Cop is accidental hero in bizarre QC robbery, shootout

By Jeannette Andrade
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 15:56:00 08/16/2008

MANILA, Philippines -- (UPDATE) An off-duty policeman became an accidental hero Saturday afternoon in a bizarre turn of events in Quezon City in which he fought off an apparent robbery attempt on him, killing the alleged robber in a shootout that proved equally fatal to himself, and unknowingly saving an Indian trader being robbed nearby by another man who was then lynched by a mob.

The “accidental hero” PO1 Benhur Busu-ay, detailed with the Aviation Security Group at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, died while undergoing treatment at the Far Eastern University Hospital after shooting dead suspect Rustan Lorano, of Zapote, Las Piñas City.

The other suspected robber, Ramiro Reyes, 36, of Tanay, Rizal was allegedly mobbed by Busu-ay’s neighbors and stabbed to death.

But PO2 Joseph Diño of the Quezon City Police District Criminal Investigation and Detection Unit (QCPD-CIDU) said the people who attacked and killed Reyes were not being helpful because they took the man’s .45 caliber pistol. They also took Lorano’s gun.

Diño said that the chain of events started at around 1:30 p.m. on Republican Avenue in Barangay Fairview. PO1 Busu-ay, aboard a motorcycle, had just arrived at his home inside the Burawin Street compound when Lorano approached him.

Unknown to Busu-ay, Lorano’s cohort was at that time robbing Indian trader Sotanam Singh some 50 meters away.

Diño pointed out that Lorano had approached the aviation cop upon noticing a bulky object Busu-ay’s waist and apparently mistaken him for a messenger he and his companion could rob.

Immediately after Busu-ay identified himself as a policeman, Lorano reportedly drew his .45 caliber pistol and shot the cop. He ran away as Busu-ay drew his .9 mm caliber service pistol and fired back.

The sound of gunfire from Lorano and Busu-ay reportedly caused Reyes, who had just allegedly robbed Singh of P2,000, to scamper inside the Sikap Area parallel to Burawin Street to hide.

Despite having taken five bullets in the body, Busu-ay managed to catch up with Lorano and shot the suspect several times in the body, killing him instantly at the entrance to Sikap Area, said Diño.

Neighbors immediately took the badly wounded officer to the FEU hospital for treatment while other bystanders robbed the fallen robber, taking his .45 caliber pistol.

Busu-ay died several minutes after he was wheeled into the FEU hospital. His wounds were mostly in the chest.

Meanwhile, Reyes was cornered in an alley inside Sikap Area by knife-wielding residents who stabbed him to death. The mob also took his .45 caliber pistol but left untouched the P2,000 that had been allegedly stolen from Singh.

Diño said that both men carried identification cards indicating that they are police civilian volunteers and carried laminated business cards from Philippine National Police Director General Avelino Razon.

Diño pointed out that Reyes had a mission order stating he was a military civilian agent issued by the Army 2nd Infantry Division in Tanay, Rizal. The alleged mission order, he said, was signed by a Lt. Lhogan Cliff Acuril.

Diño said they still had to confirm the validity of the identification cards with the organizations marked on them.

He said investigators will also have to determine the identities of the people who attacked Reyes and took the alleged robbers’ guns.

Scene of the Crime Office personnel recovered several spent .9-mm and .45- caliber spent shells as well as Busu-ay’s service pistol from the scene.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Kalinga Cops Killed

Cop, 2 rob suspects slain in shootout
By Reinir Padua
Sunday, August 17, 2008

A policeman was killed when he shot it out with two robbery suspects who also died after the gun battle yesterday afternoon in Fairview, Quezon City.

Police Officer 1 Voltaire Benhur Busway, 26, who was assigned with the Aviation Security Group, died of gunshot wounds in the chest.

Quezon City Police District (QCPD) chief Senior Superintendent Magtanggol Gatdula identified the two slain suspects as Rustan Lorono of Las Piñas and Ramiro Reyes of Tanay, Rizal, who were identified through identification cards found on them.

Though the slain policeman shot it out with the suspects, Superintendent Franklin Moises Mabanag, chief of the QCPD-Criminal Investigation and Detection Unit, said the body of one of the suspects was riddled with stab wounds.

Superintendent Raymundo Equibal, commander of the QCPD-Station 5, said the incident happened near Busway’s house on Republic Avenue in Barangay Greater Fairview.

Busway was getting off his motorcycle at around 1:15 p.m. when he noticed the two suspects frisking Indian national Satnam Singh, a money lender, Equibal told The STAR in an interview.

QCPD-Station 5 desk officer PO1 Jun Cabatan said the two suspects, who were wearing shirts with police markings, posed as policemen to rob Singh of his money.

When Busway saw what was happening, he tried to accost the suspects. One of them shot at Busway, who fired back.

As Busway fell, the two suspects were still able to run 60 to 70 meters away from the crime scene before they eventually fell and died, Equibal said.

Equibal explained this was because the police used his .9mm service firearm to shoot the suspects and this type of bullet takes about two to three minutes to have an effect on the one who was shot.

However, Mabanag suspects some residents “ganged up” on one of the suspects, as shown by the stab wounds in his body. Mabanag said it was still not clear whether the suspect was also shot by Busway.

There were reports that a third suspect, now the subject of a police manhunt, was on a motorcycle and took his slain companion’s .45 caliber pistols and an undetermined amount of cash divested from Singh before escaping towards Commonwealth Avenue.

But Mabanag said it could be that the ones who reportedly ganged up on one of the slain suspects were the ones who took away the firearms.

Neighbors and witnesses brought Busway to the FEU Hospital, where he died while undergoing treatment. Cabatan said Singh was unhurt.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

There is really nothing we can do – DOTC regional director

By Estanislao Albano Jr.

Tabuk City, Kalinga – There is really nothing his office can do with the proliferation of colorum public utility vehicles (PUVs) in Tabuk which have been the subject of numerous complaints, according to Transportation and Communication Regional Director Federico Mandapat.

In a letter to Mayor Camilo Lammawin, Jr., Mandapat said that they want very much to conduct law enforcement operations in the city, they are prevented by lack of manpower at the Land Transportation Office in Tabuk City and likewise in the regional office.

He said that the situation would be different had not former LTO Assistant Secretary Reynaldo Berroya not revoked on August 13, 2007 the deputizing of policemen in the city to do the job.

Saying that this deputized policemen were a great help in the maintenance of order on the road, Mandapat had reiterated an earlier suggestion made by LTO regional operations chief Robert Pocais to the Sangguniang Panlungsod of Tabuk City for that body to pass a resolution requesting Department of Transportation and Communication Secretary Leandro Mendoza to issue anew deputation orders to local policemen.

Berroya had revoked the deputation orders because of reports that such were being used for mulcting activities.

Two PUV groups here have earlier petitioned the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) to transfer the processing of papers of PUVs in the province from the Cordillera Administrative Region in Baguio City to the LTFRB-Cagayan in Tuguegarao City.

One of the reasons they cited is the little attention the province is receiving when it comes to the enforcement of traffic laws “contributing to the proliferation of colorum vehicles in the area.”

Kalinga Federation of Jeepney Operators (KFJO) and the Kalinga Transportation and Development Cooperative (KASTRANSDESCO) said that with the nearness of Tuguegarao City to Tabuk City, traffic enforcement would improve.

Cecilio Mangadap, board chairman of the KALTRANSDESCO, had accused the DOTC-CAR of not acting on the June 3, 2008 order of Secretary Mendoza to apprehend colurom PUVs in Kalinga.

3 Kalinga entrepreneurs win micro-business awards

by L. Lopez

Tabuk City, Kalinga (9 August) -- Three entrepreneurs classified under micro-business won regional and national awards, earning prestige to the province in the field of trade and industry.

Noryn Bagano of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) here said Regina Madio of Praj's Gift Shop and Ma. Socorro Saclag of Ayatu's Ethnic Products got the Pundo sa Sipag, Puhunan sa Tiyaga Award, together with 16 other selected awardees nationwide.

Thelma Ng of Bayle's Supermart, joined the prestigious line of Most Inspiring Entrepreneurs in the Cordillera Region for this year's Go Negosyo Caravan staged yearly by the Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship (PCE) chaired by business icon Jose Ma. A. Concepcion, who is the presidential consultant for entrepreneurship.

Madio and Saclag also received P100,000 cash awards each which will be used as additional working capital to make their business grow and will inspire others to start their own small business.

In the search and evaluation of entries conducted early this year, Madio and Saclag, who were nominated by DTI-Kalinga, participated in the product exhibit at Market! Market! Shopping Complex in Taguig City, which was visited by Senator Manny Villar.

Praj's Gift Shop and Ayatu's Ethnic Products use to figure in trade fairs organized by the DTI here and outside the province.

The Sipag-Tiyaga award is launched by the Nationalista Party in celebration of its 100th Year Anniversary as it contributes to nation building.

Meanwhile, Go Negosyo Awardee Ng displayed an extra-efficient business management skill, as seen in the chain of their business expansion amidst the economic difficulty hitting the country today.

"Managing a business is not at all bed of roses", says Ng who recalls what she terms as "bumps and humps" that they encounter in their daily transactions.

Ng admits that the business regulatory laws advocated by DTI have greatly helped them install a healthy relationship with customers. This was recognized in a regional scale having been conveyed a Certified Establishment-Silver Award (CE Award) in 2007.

But beyond her business management prowess, Ng acknowledges the Lord's hand over their family business, whom she believes is the source of all what they manage today.

Go Negosyo is a campaign advocated by government to build small business communities where the norm and way of life is improving the lives of small Filipinos through entrepreneurship.

Last year, Nancy Busacay of the Bago, Igorot, Tagalog, Ilocano, Cagayano, Kalinga (BITICK) Women's Organization and Natividad Sugguiyao of Chico River Quest, Inc. earned the same award for the province.

Kalinga student lands 2nd top slot in nursing board

by L. Lopez

Tabuk City, Kalinga (9 August) -- Alrin Flores Falgui, 20, who hails from this province and landed top 2 in the Nursing Board Examination given by the Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC) last June, claims it was always his dream of topping the board examination.

"That dream became my goal and made me study very hard," Aldren, a graduate of Far Eastern University (FEU) Nicanor Foundation recalled.

"To keep me reminded of that goal, I wrote it on a piece of paper and have it pasted on a conspicuous place on the wall of my room, so I could read it every time. Everyday, that piece of paper reminded me to study, study and study," Alrin quipped.

But Alrin admits becoming a topnotcher is no easy thing. The secret he says is setting your goal and focusing on it everyday. It requires time management. With barely two months of review, devotion and focus on what you're doing matters, Alrin claimed.

On top of his academic preparation, Alrin recounted his deep prayers and trust on the Lord.

Alrin advises those preparing to take board examinations to take time and relax saying it is also important to do recreational activities to sustain one's energy and momentum.

A consistent student achiever, Alrin was DBP scholar for his four years in college. He graduated high school at the Tabuk National High School, where he earned various prestigious awards.

He is the eldest child of Engr. Danilo C. Falgui of the Kalinga-Apayao State College (KASC) and Udette Flores Falgui, CPA, Cashier, DBP-Tabuk.

Alrin obtained a rate of 85.80%, the 2nd highest among 64,000 plus examinees. He will join other successful examinees in the oath taking ceremony August 19-20 at the SMX Convention Center, SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City. (PIA Kalinga)

NPAs step up terror acts in Kalinga – Army

Tabuk City, Kalinga (9 August) -- Communist terrorists operating in the province have stepped up their illegal activities with the burning of the Globe cellsite at barangay Pakawit in Pinukpuk last July 27, an attempt to destroy another Globe cell site at Dangoy, Lubuagan and the foiled attack on the Mallango detachment in Tinglayan.

This was the report of Lt. Col. Tony Lastimado, Commanding Officer of the 21st Infantry Battalion before members of the Provincial Peace and Order Council last August 6 at Laoagan resort here.

He said the current actions of the New Peoples Army (NPA) manifest their intention to instill fear among the populace, particularly those villages unsupportive of the communists' cause. "The NPAs are bent to counter our presence in far-flung barangays. They want to disrupt our outreach missions and delay government projects in those areas," he said.

The NPA strongholds in barangays Poswoy in Balbalan and Baay in Pinukpuk are taken by the soldiers and they are trying to regain them by sowing fear by their atrocities, Lastimado reported.

He said under the leadership of Col. Remegio De Vera, 501st Brigade Commanding Officer, government forces were able to repulse the enemies on all sides and decimated their strength in the Kalinga-Apayao-Cagayan area of responsibility (AOR) of the brigade.

Aside from combat operations the Army also initiated community services assisting 16 elementary schools during the "brigada eskwela" by doing ground clearing and minor repair on classrooms and other school facilities.

The 21st IB also conducted nine medical missions from May to August and served 2,578 clients on dental, circumcision, medical, and free haircut services.

Under the Kalayaan Sa Barangay program, the battalion in coordination with the 513th Engineering Construction Battalion and the 51st Engineering Brigade, a water system and a school building were completed while three PGMA school buildings and two farm to market road in Sumadel and Pasil are on-going.

Pasil Mayor James Edduba thanked the Philippine Army on their efforts to open the road to the Poblacion of Pasil. (PIA-Kalinga)

Lubuagan, Kalinga to hold 1st Lumin-awa festival on August 18-20

by Lito Dar

Baguio City (9 August) -- In celebration of the centennial founding anniversary of the first civil government of Lubuagan town in Kalinga, the local government unit in cooperation with the Department of Tourism will be holding its first "Lumin-awa" festival on August 18-20.

Lubuagan Mayor James Alunday in a press conference last week explained that the "Lumin-awa", is synonymous to "guminhawa", or to be relieved or relaxed in mind, spirit and health.

The three-day festivity aims to boost the town's economy and development, as he stressed that education, health and tourism are their priority.

The three-day Lumin-awa festival features grand parades, indigenous games/songs/sounds, Agro Industrial Exhibits/fair, stage programme, field presentations and medical/dental mission. The mayor is inviting everybody, local and foreign tourists alike, to witness or discover their rich cultural heritage.

According to Lubuagan municipal tourism officer Luisa Inga, one of the tourist attractions in their town is the "Tiwood" fertility spring. She cited the 30 families within the vicinity of the spring who were blessed with twin children. She also mentioned some testimonies regarding couples with no children who have had their own babies after going to the spring.

Meantime, Engr Paul Masilayan, consultant for special event, revealed that another attraction in Lubuagan is the mysterious Calamayan waterfalls. Mayor Alunday attested that nobody had successfully taken a picture of the said waterfalls except for an American tourist, who bought a pig first and butcher it in the area, before taking a picture.

DOT-CAR Director Pura Molintas assured their support, to what she described as a "grandeur occasion", in terms of promotional support and media coverage. Through the festival, we are promoting the "eco-tourism" of Lubuagan, which she called "home of artisans and great artists". (PIA)

Monday, August 4, 2008

12 projects approved for KALAHI-CIDDS 2nd cycle in Pinukpuk


Pinukpuk, Kalinga (2 August) -- Twelve barangays in this town found new hope to improve the socio-economic conditions of their locality after members of the Barangay Representative Team (BRT) approved their proposal for funding under the Kapitbisig Laban sa Kahirapan – Comprehensive and Integrated Delivery of Social Services (KALAHI-CIDSS) program.

Approved proposal according to ranking are two units flood control project of brgy. Ammacian; the four-unit deep well water system proposed by Camalog Barangay; Pinococ Day Care Center; Barangay Health Station of Bayao; Solar Power Electrification of Asibanglan; Village Water System of Aciga; three units multi-purpose pavement (MPP) of Taga; construction of irrigation canal in Wagud, Solar Power Electrification of Limos; two units MPP of Mapaco; Solar Power Electrification of Baay and the construction of a 12 meter concrete footbridge in Allaguia.

During the presentation of proposals, Barangay Ammacian got the highest votes for their two units flood control proposal to redirect the flow of water back to the main stream after it deviated too close to the communities and farm lands during Typhoon Mina resulting to the drowning and death of some people and destruction of properties.

Said project costs around P1.48 million requiring P1.06M fund from KALAHI-CIDDS, P328,150.00 from the Local Government of Pinukpuk, P49,000.00 from the barangay and the rest as share of the community following the counterpart scheme of all KALAHI-CIDDS projects in the country.

The four units of deep-well in barangay Camalog, on the other hand, will be distributed in four puroks not reached by stream water. These will likewise provide water for travelers traversing the area which is just along the provincial road. This proposal costs around P.69M with a counterpart of P438,933.00 from the KALAHI-CIDDS.

Considering the distance of the barangay from health facilities in the municipality and the remoteness of its Puroks, Barangay Bayao opted for a P.95M barangay health station (BHS) to provide first aid treatment, consultation and child and maternal care in the area. It was reported that several people in the area died because they were not provided with immediate medical attention. KALAHI-CIDDS is required P674,783.00 to fund said project.

Meanwhile, having seen the urgency to provide lighting among households the proposals of Barangays Baay, Asibanglan and Limos for solar power electrification were all approved. Said projects cost a total amount of about P2.93M requiring a fund allocation of P2.12M from the KALAHI-CIDDS. These would be providing each household a portable solar powered lamp.

Barangay Aciga, on the other hand, got the nod of the evaluation team after presenting the people's plight of not having clean drinking water in the community which has resulted to unsanitary environment and illness among the populace. Said village water system would require KALAHI-CIDDS P595,928.00 to fund the P825,928.00 project.

Likewise approved were the proposal for a two units multi-purpose pavement (MPP) amounting to P415,000.00 in Barangay Mapaco and three units MPP in Barangay Taga costing P654,000.00. KALAHI-CIDDS will be providing the amount of P292,161.00 and P450,450.00 respectively.

Pinococ, one of the remotest barangays proposed for a day care center since children in the area have no means of availing pre-school services.KALAHI-CIDDS is set to allot P592,932.00 for the P805,932.00 project.

Barangay Wagud needs an irrigation canal to be able to cultivate and utilize a vast area of idle lands for farming and rice production in the barangay. The project requires a funding of P890,000.00 with a total of P567,925.00 KALAHI-CIDSS share.

Barangay Allaguia is aspiring for a more stable and durable footbridge to replace the bamboo makeshift bridge across a river entering their barangay to ensure safety of those passing by especially during the rainy seasons.Said concrete foot bridge would be needing the amount of P265,000.00 with P195,484.00 from the KALAHI-CIDDS.

From the total amount of P9,844,658.00 for said projects, KALAHI-CIDDS will be allocating P6,996,448.41 with the remaining amount of P2,848,209.59 as counterpart of the MLGU of Pinukpuk and the recipient barangays.

KALAHI-CIDDS is one of the comprehensive social services of the Arroyo Administration in fighting poverty funded by the World Bank with counterparts from the government and concerned LGU's and implemented through the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD). (ggd/PIA-Kalinga)

Kalinga benefits from PGMA food-for-school program

By:ggd/PIA Kalinga

Tabuk, Kalinga (2 August) -- The eight municipalities of the Kalinga are among the several poor towns in the country that benefited from the on-going food for school feeding program under the Accelerated Hunger Mitigation Program of the Arroyo Administration.

In an interview with Provincial Social Worker Gretchen Curameng, around 5,427 day care children were identified as target beneficiaries for this year's program implementation.

These she said include the 357 children from Rizal, 320 from Lubuagan, 360 from Tinglayan, 510 from Tanudan, 396 from Pasil, 530 from Balbalan, 1,704 from Tabuk City and 1,250 from Pinukpuk.

According to Curameng, the school for food program aims to provide day care children the needed nutrition to ensure that sufficient and nutritious food are available for them to cope with the physical and mental challenges of going to school. Each beneficiary are provided with one kilo rice per day for 43 days.

Curameng said it is a welcome development that President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo in her recent State of the Nation Address included Kalinga as one of the provinces targeted for the administration's massive school feeding program.

As recalled, the President mentioned that with the revenues generated from the Value Added Tax (VAT), her administration will be launching a massive school feeding program at P10.00 per child every school day in indigent communities and calamity stricken areas including Kalinga, Apayao and Abra in the Cordillera Region. Through these efforts, poor provinces will be alleviated from the list of provinces with high rate of malnutrition the country.

In a related development, Division Feeding Coordinator Julia Bateg of the Department of Education (DepEd), Kalinga said that recipient districts of the second batch of Food-for-School program in the province just received their rice allocations in coordination with the National Food Authority (NFA).

From the 93 targeted schools from the Districts of Balbalan, Tanudan, Northern Pinukpuk, Southern Pinukpuk and Lubuagan, at least 2,742 pupils benefited during the implementation of the second batch.

Recipients of the first batch covered the Districts of Pasil, Rizal and Tinglayan benefiting at least 1,872 pupils in said areas. Each pupil received one kilo rice each for 19 days and noodles feeding for 35 days.

Said program was made possible through Deped in partnership with the NFA, National Nutrition Council and the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG). (ggd/PIA-Kalinga)

Fertilizer subsidy worth only P180.00 in Tabuk

By Estanislao Albano, Jr.

Tabuk City, Kalinga – With the participating farm input dealers here taking the discounted fertilizer under the government fertilizer subsidy program on credit, the actual worth of the P250.00 fertilizer subsidy coupon being given to farmers is only P180.00.

According to Betty Cawilan of the Casigayan Farm Supply in Dagupan Centro, this city, one of the four farm input outlets in the province accredited by the Department of Agriculture (DA) for the fertilizer subsidy program, she is selling a bag of urea to farmers with coupons at P2,020.00 while to those who have none, only at P1,950.

Cawilan explained that the discrepancy of P70.00 covers the difference in the price of the fertilizer which they have to take on a 30-day credit from the distributors as against the unsubsidized fertilizer which they take in cash in order for them not to lose while implementing the subsidy program.

According to Cawilan, it is necessary for them to take the subsidized fertilizer on credit because the arrangement with the DA is for the payment of the surrendered coupons with complete and properly accomplished documentation at the end of each week.

“Not many farmers understand our situation. They cannot understand that even with the difference of P70.00, their subsidized fertilizer is still cheaper by P180.00 than the unsubsidized fertilizer,” Cawilan said.

Cawilan is asking why the DA does not just give the subsidy to them in cash “so there will be no need for processing and waiting for the payment.”

Told of the reduced value of the government fertilizer subsidy coupon, Provincial Agriculturist Gerardo Jose said that he will have the reports verified.

Jose informed ZZW that some 32,756 coupons worth P8.2M has been released by the DA to Kalinga and that the provincial government is also mulling to add four more P250.00 discount coupons per hectare to the two coupons already being given by the national government.**

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Social workers demand benefits

by Larry Lopez / PIA

TABUK CITY, Kalinga – Social workers employed with the provincial and municipal governments in the province are lobbying for additional benefits mandated under RA 94331 or the Magna Carta for Public Social Workers in the country.

The group of public social workers is asking for a P50/day subsistence allowance plus hazard pay, which is computed at 20 percent of their monthly rate.

Judith Puday of the Provincial Social Welfare and Development Office, who is representing the group, said they have initially presented their position in the provincial executives’ July monthly meeting.

“This move came about following the issuance of the implementing rules and regulations (IRR) of the Magna Carta in November last year,” Puday said.

But the group understands that local government units are already at the mid-year of their budgetary period, that is why members have considered presenting their cause before the local finance committees for proper fund allocation.

“Since the approval of the IRR last year, other local government units have already released additional mandated benefits to public social workers,” Puday said.
The Magna Carta for Public Social Workers mandates the state to promote and improve the social and economic well-being of public social workers to make them more responsive to the needs of their clients.

TESDA-Kalinga ready for nat’l best masonry event

by Gigi Dumallig / PIA

TABUK CITY , Kalinga – In preparation for the nationwide Best Masonry competition, 43 skilled masons in the province recently joined the launching of the program at the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) Kalinga training center that started last July 11.

According to TESDA information officer Belmar Angngolin, the agency utilized the unfinished 9x12 square meters building of TESDA office as a venue for the provincial competition to test the capabilities of skilled masons.

“Just after seven days of actual work, they have surprisingly accomplished more than what was expected as seen in the construction’s physical improvement,” he said.

He said that Donald Oplay emerged as the winner during the competition and will be representing the province during the regional feat this October.

Among the categories include hollow blocks laying, plastering, and installation of rails and balusters. The activity was sponsored by Holcim Company Philippines, which donated the 200 bags of cement used during the competition.

“The company also provided for the trainers for the 10-day training for the masons including their gears, tools and allowances,” he said
Holcim is one of the world’s leading producers of cement and aggregates that is working in more than 70 countries and employs almost 90,000 people.

Meanwhile, TESDA-Kalinga provided the other construction materials and other training support.
Through the comprehensive antipo-verty alleviation program of the Arroyo administration, more and more skilled Filipinos are provided opportunities for better paying jobs both locally and abroad with the provision of free government skills training assistance and scholarships through TESDA.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

ikalinga ranked 2nd in the latest Nursing Board

Alrin Flores Falgui from TNHS and who took his nursing in FEU placed 2nd with an average of 85.8%. in the latest Nursing Board Exam held on June 1 & 2, 2008..The result was released on July 23, 2008.

Korean firm eyes Tabuk as corn source for feeds

By Gigi Dumalig
PROSPECTIVE KOREAN INVESTMENT. Some executives of the KC Feed, a Korean company engaged in the production of animal feeds, along with some Korean government personnel visited Tabuk City July 17, 2008. They met with Mayor Camilo Lammawin, Jr. and agricultural personnel of Tabuk City and officials of the Department of Trade and Industry in the province regarding the possibility of investing in corn production in the city.** Photo by Estanislao Albano, Jr.

TABUK CITY, Kalinga - KC Feed Co. Ltd.., a Korean company producing feeds for poultry and swine, and several other products has placed Tabuk City in its list of sources of raw corn products for its feed processing business.

In a recent consultation meeting with the city government headed by mayor Camilo Lammawin Jr., the Korean company representatives said that they are ready to initially buy 20,000 metric tons of corn annually from the city.

In a response, city agriculturist Gilbert Cawis said that Tabuk can handle the demand citing that the city is currently utilizing a total of 3,000 hectares of farm lands for yellow corn production generating an average of 6 ,000 metric tons per hectare every cropping season.

Considering that farmers are harvesting twice a year, the 2,000 hectares could already produce around 26,000 metric tons and that production could still increase if additional 2,825 hectares of potential land will also be developed for the same purpose, Cawis said.

After the consultation, the Korean team conducted a field visit and made an on-the-spot soil test in one of the farms in Cudal, Tabuk.

They also visited some traders and trucking businesses in the locality to see the possibility of doing business with them especially in the exporting of corn products from the province.

If indeed the KD Feed Company will pour their investment in the province, corn farmers will be assured of a better market and will be encouraged to enhance their production and technical skills to meet international market demands, thus increasing their opportunities to earn more.

This development is an offshoot of the Arroyo administration’s economic efforts to make the country investment friendly making it a favored investment prospect by international business groups.**

Kalinga officials exalts Cordi leaders

BY: ggd PIA Kalinga
Tabuk City, Kalinga (21 July) -- Local officials led this year's commemoration of the 21st Cordillera Day in the province by paying tribute to the struggles of political leaders to realize the creation of the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR).

Governor Floydelia R. Diasen said that "we are blessed that we have reached this day to celebrate the Cordillera Day", which she said "could not be achieved without the leaders who toiled and worked hard" to gain our identity as Cordillerans.

Providing a glimpse of Cordillera history, Vice Governor Jocel Baac, exalted the past leaders and their efforts. "Let us give focus to the historic significant of this occasion to the people and leaders who sacrificed and work to achieve the creation of CAR," he said.

"There are many reasons why our leaders struggle for its creation, since it was only the vehicle for us to prosper and develop," he said adding that "our leaders believed that we are being left behind," by the past Presidents in terms of national development.

"The only remedy seen by our leaders is to have an autonomous government of our own for us to utilize our own natural resources and culture, for the Cordillerans to unite towards development," he said.

The creation CAR through Executive Order 220 on July 15, 1987 he said was the vehicle to towards achieving autonomy in the Cordillera.

"CAR is only a turning point, a planning stage and as a start for us to draft the charter for the autonomy," the Vice Governor said he expressed hope that with proper information dissemination Cordillerans will someday get to understand and appreciate the efforts to have an autonomous region. (ggd/PIA-Kalinga)

Kalinga traders top Cordi sales in Luzon Island Fair

by L. Lopez

Tabuk City, Kalinga (21 July) -- Kalinga exhibitors to the Luzon Island Trade Fair at the SM Mega Mall brought home a total sales of P836,176, the highest this year, among the participating provinces of the Cordillera region.

Benita Mangadap of the Department of Trade and Industry provincial office, who led the exhibitors to the July 9-13 inter-regional fair, said this year's sales by the province is really a big haul.

Next with the highest sales was Abra with P349,295, followed by the province of Apayao with P256,345; Mt. Province - P77,475; Benguet - P50,900 and Ifugao -P27,370. The top performer last year was the province of Abra, Mangadap said.

This is the third time that the DTI organized the annual Luzon Island Fair, where exhibitors from the various regions participate with their indigenous products.

Among the top performers of the province's exhibitors include Ayatu's Ethnic Craft with P347,750; Praj's Gift Shop and Gen. Merchandise - P173,291; Nor-Ref Processed Food Products - P102,832; Ness'a Kalinga Weaving -P65,728; Our Tribe Food Products -P54,120; Tribal Heritage -P48,800; Mikah's Weaving -P28,295 and Kalinga Food Treat - P15,360.

The fair showcasing a wide array of locally-produced items is part of the country's program to promote the One Town One Product (OTOP) project aiming to assist small entrepreneurs in the country.

Aside from creating market outlets to small traders, DTI also provides other technical assistance on product development where trainings on packaging and designs are provided.

These types of trainings are necessary to sustain the demand for the products and make them stay competitive out there in the market, Mangdap said. (PIA Kalinga)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Kalinga launches "Kape de Motit"

Tabuk, Kalinga (11 July) -- Coffee enthusiasts could now have a taste of the exotic and expensive civet coffee with the launching of the "Kape de Motit", a locally processed civet coffee by the Nor Ref Food Products of Tabuk City.

According to Miss Maria Cecilia T. Baral, Senior Trade and Industry Development Specialist of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Kalinga, what made this coffee unique is that it come from the droppings of civet or locally known as "motit."

The motit is a cat- like wild animal that feeds on delicately selected red coffee berries. But since the beans are not digested they are excreted. These are then collected and processed just like any ordinary coffee bean.

"But unlike the ordinary coffee, civet coffee produces a distinct taste and aroma believed to be due to the enzyme and breakdown of the bean's proteins in the civet's intestine aside from the high quality of beans being picked by the civet when feeding," Baral said explaining why the product is considerably expensive.

In the world market, one the most popularly known civet coffee product is the Kopi Luwak (Civet Coffee) of Indonesia which has a selling price of up to $1,300 per kilo and sold mainly in the US and Japan It is also considered as the most expensive coffee in the world according to Forbes Magazine.

Launched during the 7th Matagoan Trade Fair sponsored by City Government of Tabuk in partnership with the DTI, the Kape di Motit is available through Nor Ref Food Products, also the maker of the first processed coffee in the province – the Kalinga Brew.

Kape di motit is the fourth processed coffee launched in the province being supported by the One Town One Product (OTOP) program of the government.

Previously promoted coffee products include the Kalinga Brew, Kalinga Blend and the Mananig Wild Coffee. (ggd/PIA-Kalinga)

Kalinga gov to deliver first State-of-the-Province report on Cordillera Day

by: ggd/PIA Kalinga
Tabuk City, Kalinga (12 July) -- Governor Floydelia R. Diasen is set to deliver her State of the Province Address (SOPA) this Monday as one of the highlights in the province's commemoration of the 21st Cordillera Day Celebration at the Capitol Grounds.

According to the Governor's Executive Assistant Mr. Simeon Bentican, the lady governor is expected to report on her P.E.A.C.E. development agenda accomplishments, update on the implementation of the Accelerated Hunger Mitigation Programs in the province and how the province is coping with the present economic recession.

Among the highlights Bentican said include an update on the local government efforts in resolving the Malapiat land dispute and the assistance being provided the victims of said man-made disaster.

Under the education program will be her report on educational and livelihood assistance given to poor but academically deserving students.

Implemented support services and interventions will highlight her Agricultural Productivity report to include how the province is progressing in its hybrid rice and corn production that is considerably contributing to the country's target production supporting the national government's food security program.

She is also expected to give light on the province's environmental preservation plans to include the management of the province's vast watershed and forest areas and sustainable revenue generation development plans that include eco-tourism development.

Her report on health according to Bentian include efforts to resolve issues on the delivery of better health services and the concerns of health service providers. She will likewise provide an overview of the province accomplishments on special health programs that has eventually gave honour to the province.

Meanwhile, with the theme "Moving Forward! Cordillera on the High Road to Development," the celebration of Cordi Day in the province features a tree planting activity after a short program which commences with a motorcade and graced by local officials.

In respect to the celebration, July 14 is declared as a special non-working holiday in the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) through Proclamation Order No. 1551 in lieu of the July, 15 Cordillera Day. (ggd/PIA-Kalinga)

Tabuk City sends 86 skilled welders to Hanjin shipyard in Subic

by L. Lopez

Tabuk City, Kalinga (12 July) -- The city is sending 86 skilled welders to work at the Hanjin shipyard in Subic after the company conducted orientation and recruitment here.

This is part of the labor employment program of the city government tied up with local and outside employers.

Hanjin, a Korean- owned and managed corporation engaged in ship building industry came here through its representatives upon the invitation of the city government.

But Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) Provincial Officer Avelina Manganip issued a clarification of Hanjin's wage scale, noting that its hiring of young laborers is supposed to be covered under the DOLE's Worker's Appreciation Program (WAP).

According to Executive Order 139 which provides guidelines for the WAP, hired young laborers should receive a wage of not less than 75% of the prevailing minimum wage in the first three onths of their work, Manganip explained. Companies usually provide a probationary period of at least three months to newly hired workers.

After the 3-month period, they should be hired as regular workers, meaning they should receive the regular wage rate and other benefits, provided by law.

Manganip expressed this view to assure worker's care and welfare, especially those who are getting their first employments.

At the labor department, it is our mandate to protect workers and provide what the law says on the welfare and safety of workers, Manganip said.

She also re iterated the security and safe conditions of those recruited by the corporation to avoid problems that may arise from work later on. (PIA Kalinga)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Grenade blast fails to derail Tabuk City celebration

By Estanislao Albano, Jr.

Tabuk City, Kalinga – The grenade blast in the carnival area inside the city government compound here a day before the observance of the first founding anniversary of the city and its 7th Matagoan Festival failed to derail or even just dampen the celebration which run from June 23 to 26.

Chief of Police Alfredo Dangani declared that had the motive of the perpetrator been to sabotage the celebration, then he has failed because the celebration proceeded smoothly and the activities especially the parade on the second day were well attended.

The parade dragged for three hours because the head intersected with the hind part at the intersection of the provincial road and Quezon Street where it was arranged for the one group to stop to allow the other group to proceed alternately. This is the first time that this happened in a parade in the city center.

Police and ushers had to shove people at the entrance of the Tabuk People’s Gymnasium to make a way for Tourism Regional Director Purificacion Molintas who was the guest speaker on the third day.

In her speech, Molintas made no direct reference to the grenade incident but merely said that one of the basic expectations of tourists from a place they visit is assurance of their security and safety.

She urged the city to protect its tourists not only because satisfied tourists came back again and again but because the Department of Tourism, with the aid of the law enforcement arms of the government, is monitoring crimes against tourists and by tourists.

In an interview after the program, Molintas who attended the celebration starting on the night of the first day to the afternoon of the third day said that news of the grenade explosion never gave her second thoughts about her scheduled trip to the city.

She said that bombings and kidnappings happen everywhere adding that she always makes it a point to attend ‘first time celebrations regardless of obstacles.’

Molintas also intimated that she liked what she saw during the celebration although there were minor adjustments which need to be made apart from the need to develop the city’s ‘must sees’ and ‘must buys.’

Molintas said that the city should be able to offer something that is truly from the city or is symbolic of what the city is such as a brand of Kalinga coffee or goodies and arts and crafts.

Regarding the Longest Hybrid Rice Linudag Show which was staged for the first time this year and was supposed to be one of the main attractions of the celebration, Molintas said that the city can improve on it in the future ‘especially if they gun for the Guinness Record.’

The linudag – rice wrapped in lao leaves and cooked in bamboo cuts over slow fire – were prepared and cooked at the agriculturist office inside the city compound starting in the afternoon of June 22 and then suspended on a wire laid out along the provincial road from barangay Magsaysay to barangay Appas for an approximate length of 2.5 kilometers night of June 23.

At around 9 AM of June 24, the linudag was gathered and distributed to the public in the city compound.

The target was to link Bulanao and Dagupan Centro which are seven kilometers apart with linudags but according to City Agriculturist Gilbert Cawis who headed the committee in-charge of the event, there were a lot of things they failed to consider when they set the target such as the length of time it takes to prepare and cook a linudag which is one and half hours and likewise the availability of enough people to produce enough linudags for the distance.

‘This is a learning experience. We will do better next year. We could assign all 42 barangays of the city to cook linudags so that we could produce enough for seven kilometers on time,’ Cawis said.

The linudag received mixed reviews from those who were able to taste it. There were some who praised it and wished they got more but there were also those who said that the linudag they got were either too hard for human consumption or were spoiled.

A mediaman from Baguio City was also noted the absence of community participation in the activity saying that the linudag were not opened and tasted on the road nor was the public invited to view the preparation activities such as being done in similar activities in other places.

Other major events of the festival especially the search for Mutya ng Tabuk and Mr. Matagoan on the first night and the street dancing on the third day were resounding successes.**

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

With peace, Tabuk can be region’s next mighty city

by Harley Palangchao

TABUK CITY, Kalinga – The mayor of this city appealed to his constituents to be instruments of peace, saying that Tabuk can maintain its monikers as the “hybrid rice” and “rice bowl” capital of the Cordillera region if the people are united.

This, as Tabuk City mayor Camilo Lammawin Jr. appealed to his constituents to take part in the efforts to address the reported rice shortage in the country.

Lammawin made the appeal in his speech during the first year anniversary of Tabuk’s cityhood and 7th staging of the Matagoan (Life) Festival.

But maintaining its prestigious monikers needs unity among the sub-tribes in this city, Lammawin said, as he urged his constituents to be part of the uphill bid to attain lasting peace in this city and in the province in general.

“It is better to sweat in peace than to bleed in conflict,” were the words of Lammawin, as he emphatically said that a peaceful community will hasten socio-economic development.

The mayor apparently wanted to impart to his constituents that peace and order and development go hand in hand, as he joined his constituents in celebrating what he described as a “new chapter” in the long history of Tabuk.

Noting that Tabuk City is gaining solid ground in hastening socio-economic activities, the mayor again challenged his constituents to be part of the peacekeeping efforts.

“Achieving (lasting peace) and order is a possibility but we should make it a reality,” Lammawin said.

He then said that united Tabukeños means having a united front that charts the destiny of the young city.

Lammawin’s challenge came two days after a grenade blast on June 22 almost dampened the opening day of the Tabuk City foundation day celebration and the Matagoan Festival.

Notwithstanding the terror attempt, Tabuk marked a historical event when it displayed Linudag or bamboo-cooked hybrid rice along the stretch of the national highway between Bulanao and Dagupan last June 24. It was a show of pride and glory as the “hybrid rice capital” in the Cordilleras.
While lack of funds blocked the plan to invite a representative from the Guinness Book of World Records to Tabuk, this young city is the first in the country to display cooked hybrid rice spanning to almost 3.5 kilometers.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Kalinga to build mini hydro under the Clean Development Mechanism


Tabuk City, Kalinga (20 June) -- Members of Provincial Board of Kalinga have given authority to Governor Floydelia Diasen to enter into an agreement with the Development Bank of the Philippine (DBP) to place the Kalinga mini-hydro power plant project under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM).

Through a resolution, members of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan (SP) cited that this supports the country's endeavor in protecting the environment being a signatory of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the Kyoto Protocol.

Said international agreements are designed to encourage investments by industrialized nations in developing countries to implement the utilization of new and renewable forms of energy, carbon sequestration and those involving sustainable an environmentally sound technologies.

The SP said that the agreement will be doubly beneficial as it promotes economic development through investments and emphasizes the need to protect the environment as a key consideration to sustain development.

In a previous resolution dated April 29, 2008, the SP authorized the provincial government to enter into loan agreement with the DBP in the amount of P36,900,000.00 for the construction of a mini-hydro that will supply electricity to government owned facilities and a number of households within the capital town.

Said development project is seen as a way of conserving and cutting the cost of the increasing high price of power rates and will minimize the rotating brownouts that disrupt government and business operations in the province due to the preventive maintenance being undertaken by the National Power Corporation (NAPOCOR).

This also supports the call of the Arroyo Administration to construct more power plants and come up with renewable forms of energy generators to avert the looming power shortage in the near future. (ggd/PIA-Kalinga)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Napolcom inspects anew police offices in Kalinga

PIA Kalinga

TABUK CITY, Kalinga – The National Police Commission (Napolcom) is conducting its annual inspection on the city and municipal police offices to know if they are operating according to their mandate.

Fernando Cosidon, Kalinga Napolcom provincial officer, said the yearly checking of police stations is in accordance with the mandate of their office as overseer of the Philippine National Police and other law enforcement branches under its watch.

Partly to be checked, Cosidon said, is the health status of police officers, whether they are all the time capable of discharging their duties; and their facilities and logistics available for quick response upon call of duty.
“The on-the-spot inspection will verify if law enforcing systems within a police station are working and responsive to their needs as law enforcers and to the needs of the citizens they serve,” Cosidon said.

Included during the inspection conducted this month are firearms inventory and their serviceability, the building, and equipment. Thus far, only Tabuk City, Pinukpuk, Tinglayan, and Balbalan have built their own buildings jointly funded by the local government unit and the national government.

Other municipalities, he said, are in the process of requesting financial assistance from PNP national headquarters and other sources. “The lot where to build a police office is also an important consideration before the approval of any request for a building,” Cosidon added.
He said his office acts on findings that need immediate action and refer to higher authorities those that cannot be addressed at his level.

“Recommendations will also be made for the LGUs and other local partners asking them fund assistance to improve police stations or intercede in the solutions of problems,” he said.

Meanwhile, a monthly report of the provincial PNP office submitted to Napolcom shows that police personnel adhere to civil service rules and regulations. Absent police officers have filed their approved leave of absence, the report reveals.
One senior police officer was reported incapable and applied for permanent disability to claim benefits. An administrative charge was filed against a senior inspector and endorsed by Napolcom-Kalinga to PRO-CAR while his criminal case is being handled by the prosecutor’s office.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Tabuk City braces for Guinness Book record

by L. Lopez

Tabuk City, Kalinga (13 June) -- This newly created city of the Cordillera Region is eyeing for a title in the Guinness Book of World records by its Longest Hybrid Rice Linudag to be shown on its first foundation day anniversary, June 24.

The Longest Hybrid Rice Linudag will be set on the 7-kilometer thoroughfare entrance of the city stretching from Barangay Bulanao to the poblacion.

Linudag is the Kalinga indigenous way of cooking rice in bamboo tubes.

Organizers of the show wanted to ask the formal handing down of the title to Tabuk City as the Hybrid Rice Capital of the Philippines, having been informally alluded to in past several occasions.

Since the introduction of hybrid rice technology by the Department of Agriculture (DA) sometime in the early ninety's, then to a group of rice farmers here, hybrid rice production in the province spread like contagious disease among farmers.

Today, hybrid rice farming is a major industry in the city and has reached commercial level, with Tabuk City once winning a national award as Top Hybrid Rice Seeds Producer of the country.

That was the time when Tabuk became a top supplier of hybrid rice seeds to other provinces like Ilocos Norte, Nueva Ecija, Isabela and Pangasinan.

Earlier study conducted by the PhilRice confirmed that the city is conducive to production of hybrid rice and other certified rice varieties because of its naturally blended climatic and soil conditions.

Because of the booming hybrid rice industry, DA has identified the province one of its areas for hybrid rice commercialization program.

Because of this, DA is pouring down package of support to the program like provision of pre and post-harvest facilities, additional hybrid and certified rice seeds subsidies and more farm interventions.

Among the latest support facilities delivered to the province by DA includes 23 units flatbed dryers, multi-purpose drying pavements (MPDPs), seed laboratory and Bio-N laboratory.

Government through the DA is now introducing a farming technology to help farmers cut the cost of their inputs, under the Modified Rapid Composting Program (MRCP), making use of farm "waste materials" in the production of organic compost fertilizer. (PIA-Kalinga)

Tabuk City sets 1st founding anniversary activities

Tabuk City (14 June) -- Getting ready to celebrate the Tabuk City's 1st Founding Anniversary celebration, the City Government laid down a four-day affair from June 23 to June 26, 2008.

With the theme "Abante Tabuk, the City of Life", the event will highlight the promotion of the city's potentials in tourism and agriculture.

As a start, jobs seekers will have the opportunity to look for employment both here and abroad with the conduct of jobs fair and skills demo from day one to day four where spectators will have a glimpse of actual demonstration of various skills in Barista, Bartending, Massage and Beauty Care, Information Technology, Rice Wine Making, Electronics Application, Cookery and Flower Arrangement several others.

This will be followed by a dog show competition to be participated by entries from the City and nearby provinces. And in the evening will be highlighted with the Search for the Mutya ng Tabuk and Mr. Matagoan 2008.

The second day will feature the Agro-Industrial Day to start early at 6 AM with the Longest Hybrid Rice Linudag Show where participants will be cooking rice in bamboo along the seven kilometer stretch from Barangay Bulanao to Dagupan.

At 7 AM a civic parade will follow before the program at 10AM which Secretary Arthur C. Yap of the Department of Agriculture (DA) will be gracing as the Guest Speaker. The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) will likewise be formally opening the Agro-Industrial Trade Fair with a Ribbon Cutting to be spearheaded by the Secretary.

The afternoon of the second day will feature a concert and the Matagoan Games composed of coffee drinking contest, unoy rice pounding, palay relay, catching pig, horse racing, carabao race, Most Macho Carabao and several indigenous games.

The Cultural Day on June 25 will start with the Matagoan Run, Cultural Street Dancing, Cultural Competition, Gabi ng Parangal, Variety Show and Concert. The day will be graced by Director Purificacion Molintas of the Department of Tourism-CAR and National Commission on Culture and Arts (NCCA) Commissioner Domingo Bakilan.

The third day will give focus on promoting the tourism industry of the city with the conduct of a White Water Rafting Adventure to be participated by high school students in the city, Trekking from the foot of Talama to the Globe Tower and City Tour visiting the Talama View Deck, Helen's Farm, Ryan's Farm and the Tabuk Agro-Food Center. (ggd/PIA-Kalinga)

Kalinga gov recalls heroes' sacrifices on Independence Day

Tabuk City, Kalinga (14 June) -- Governor Floydelia R. Diasen said that we need to relive the traits of the country's heroes and patriots who sacrificed and fought for independence that shaped the nation today.

"The strength of character, strong sense of patriotism and nationalism is now a rare commodity, and so let us live up to the ideals, visions and aspiration of our uncompromising and selfless heroes and patriots who have fought and died for our liberation or independence towards self determination," the governor expressed.

"Let those vision and ideals reverberate among us especially among the young and serve as a guiding path in doing our share in shaping our nation to be great again," she said in her speech keynoting the 110th Independence Day celebration in the province.

She said that this year's theme "Republic Service tungo sa Ganap na Kalayaan at Kaunaran is "timely since we are again confronted with another formidable battle - the battle against poverty."

"Year in and year out, still some of our constituents remain under the bondage of poverty," she said pointing out that "we need to respond immediately and focus our concerted efforts in improving our food security programs."

She stressed that "It is true that we won our political independence but sad to say that we are still fighting for economic progress, so we need to form a powerful human chain for our economic advancement."

She added, "we should not always put the blame to the president, to our local leaders or officials for every problem and crisis that we are facing but instead do our part and share to help solve the problem and unite towards the progress of every family, community, municipality, province and the country."

"We should not be always asking what the country or government can do for us, instead ask ourselves what we could do for our country," the governor underscored concluding her message. (ggd/PIA-Kalinga)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Kalinga officials endorse conversion of public school

PIA Kalinga

TABUK CITY, Kalinga – The sangguniang panlalawigan deliberated on the legislation by Congress of two vital projects that would pave the way for the nationalization of the Magtoma-Pangol National High School, Bawac Annex and the conversion of the Catabbogan-Buluan-Daga provincial road into a national road.

The Bawac Annex High School caters to students from the sitios along the Donglayan River in Tanudan which is growing in population because of the influx of people seeking high agricultural productivity with its improved infrastructure facilities.

Board member Antonio Bakilan said the parents-teachers-community association asked the intercession of the SP to endorse the independence of the annex school into the Western Pangol National High School to serve the educational needs of students in far-flung villages who could not attend schooling at the mother school and in central districts.

“Establishing mobile schools and hiring mobile teachers is costly and the teaching-learning process could not be fully implemented because of disorganized classes,” Bakilan said, adding that a centralized and independent high school can formally gather students in organized classrooms with a proper curriculum.

Board member Fernando Abay said the provincial government cannot maintain all the provincial roads existing in the municipalities due to meager resources. He said the province depends much on its Internal Revenue Allotment.
“Since the road is a vital link of the barangays of Pinukpuk to those in Conner, Apayao, its conversion is urgent to have a regular source of a maintenance fund to keep the agriculture competitiveness of the area,” Abay said in his defense of the bill.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Remembering Another Kalinga Top Notcher

MANILA, March 30, 2006 - "Hard work and maturity" were the secrets of this mestizo from bekel, Benguet and Lubo Tanudan Kalinga for making it to the top of the graduating 2006 "Bagsay Lahi" Class of the Philippine National Police Academy (PNPA).

Today, Cadet Benjamin Balais along with 177 cadets will graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Safety at the PNPA, which is under the Philippine Public Safety College (PPSC).

President Arroyo is the guest honor and speaker at the graduation rites to be held at Camp Mariano Castañeda in Silang, Cavite. Security measures are expected to be strict to ensure peaceful and orderly commencement exercises.

Balais will receive the Presidential Kampilan Award from the President.

"My secret is hard work and maturity and my submissiveness to the duly constituted authorities here in the PNPA," the 25-year-old Balais told The STAR. He completed the four-year course in the camp.

Balais is among 162 graduates to join the PNP, while nine others will join the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) and five to Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP).

"I believe the PNP is in dire need of personnel to help polish its image. I promise to perform well as a police officer to be able to help the PNP regain the trust and confidence of the public," Balais said.

Balais pointed out that a "police officer should insulate (himself) from getting involved in politics" amid accusations that the PNP as well as the military had become politicized.

Just like other graduates, Balais said four years in the academy helped "instill the values of honor, discipline and excellence."

The PNPA cadet is the eldest of five children of Dimas Balais and Nora Dinamling. His 21-year-old brother, Dimas Jun, is a member of the Philippine Military Academy’s Mandala Class of 2006.

The PNPA is one of the seven schools and 15 regional training centers under the PPSC. It is headed by Senior Superintendent Balligi Agnanayon Tira.

From the number one spot, Balais is followed by Lemuel Josef Clarete of Upi, Maguindanao who will receive the Vice Presidential Kampilan Award. Third among the Top 10 PNPA graduates is Stephen George Antonio of Tadian, Mountain Province.

The 25-year-old Antonio, assistant editor of PNPA’s Kalasag magazine, will receive the Secretary of Interior and Local Government Kampilan Award.

The four female cadets in the Top 10 awardees are Neva Renchie De Chavez of Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro; Arlene Abuan of Calamba City, Laguna; Anabel Davocol of Balire, Tunga, Leyte; and Grade Jamila of Digos, Davao del Sur.

The Bagsay-Lahi Class of 2006 consists of 177 cadets who will graduate with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Public Safety. Twenty are female who will be given a rank of inspector in the PNP, Bureau of Jail and Bureau of Fire.

Kalinga woman tops New York university class

BAGUIO CITY, Philippines - A woman from Kalinga province graduated at the top of her class at the State University of New York Plattsburg Campus last week.

Phillyne Rhaiza Sugguiyao Shiu topped her hotel, restaurant and tourism management class, graduating magna cum laude with the highest general percentile average (GPA) of 3.7-3.89 during the College Spring Commencement Exercises.

Shiu was also conferred the Faculty Excellence Award by the department of hotel, restaurant and tourism management (HRTM) faculty and the Honor Society Graduating Seniors Award of the Eta Sigma Delta.

Shiu's mother is Natividad Sugguiyao, who is the Kalinga provincial director of the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples. Rhaiza and her siblings, however, have migrated to the US.

Even in the Philippines, Shiu was always at the top of her class. She was enrolled at the University of the Philippines in Diliman Quezon City and went to the US on a scholarship grant from the SUNY Plattsburg College of Business and Economics. She also became an exchange student to the University of Hilo in Hawaii. - GMANews.TV

Friday, June 6, 2008

Another Stupid Filipina Racist

here is your comment when some people being offended by your blog requested to omit the word igorot from your blog "Hinding hindi..!Opo, ganun na po ang takbo ng mundo.

No harm intent.

No excuses,no apologies, no deletion in my blog post, Im expressing my thoughts as an author, and I dont mean to be nasty to the Igorots.I even wrote: Maybe...

We all experienced to be critizised, it has been part of our culture.

Igorot na to!
bisaya ka!
taga bundok ka!
timang ka!
napa ka okray mo!
jologs ka!
taga tondong to!
stupid ka,
saudi ka lang pala galing eh...
katulong ka lang hoy
etc etc."

ok no problem, if people are not responsible enough with their blogs so am i, this is great, you want it so... i am trying to be irresponsible also...

here's what this filipina guy married to a French living in moroco the place of rich people as she stated in her blog..

I have an internet shop in Philippines. And it has been running for five years.
It experienced raids, black out for a week, or no internet connection for three weeks...conned by persons who try to stop/spoil the business... Storm... Attacking drug addicts...
A lot to mention.

But I stay within the law, paying my liscences and obey the city ordinances on operating an internet shop.
So far so good.

As my daughter is the one managing it since I left for France 2004, Michel and I decided to give her the rights to run the business of 24computers. Tough job. She has to deal all.
Including the problems she faced in applying a BIR(Bureau of Internal Revenue) Registration.

She went to Antipolo cityhall to inquire about it.

Requirements are:
Mayors Permit and Dept of Trade and Industry.
But the thing is, they discovered that I didnt register at BIR my shop for five years since it existed!
Voila, penalty ang Lola.
Ayoko. I dont want to pay.
Di daw pwede.
So I hired an accountant.
The one who will not do me up.
I inquire the net. Wow, there are lots.But, I dont trust them.
I could have hired Mr Lazarus. He seems honest and inspired confidence.
But he is in Cebu!
I contacted Atty Pulido.
She endorsed me her accountant.
Eh voila, accountant send me an email about her service fees and what she will be doing.She will audit my shop monthly.
She told Loraine to email her all business documents.
After two days, she emailed me:
She noticed that we had the DTI permit expiring on September 2008.

She proposed this:
"As you didnt register your business after 30days of DTI Liscence last year 2003, you will be paying a lot based on the income of the shop."
But,you dont have any records of sales since 2003,to show how much you earned for five years, so I advice Lorraine to apply the DTI under her name. All liscences will be under her name. You as the previous owner will sign a document called Deed of Assignment to prove that it is now Lorraine's business.
We must start the business properly.

Okey ako don... She seems good in what she's doing.

She sent me her service fees. I negotiate a bit her price,via emails and she said, ok.

Deed of Assignment was signed by me, witnessed by Michel and Maghie.We sent it via scan email.

Loraine applied first the DTI in her name.
Then Lorraine negotiate at Antipolo Business Liscence,that it is the same business, but now under her name, so they just change names of all our Business Liscence. No charges.

When DTI papers are ready, the accountant went to BIR at Antipolo cityhall to do the work.

But, BIR Registration office said to her, I as the shop owner, must pay them a penalty for not registering the business five years ago.
I stumped my feet like a high horse, but Lolo said, its better than 100,000 pesos or more ow!
Okey, I told the accountant, green light to that.

We faced another problem.

Lorraine's tax account number is in Quirino Province near Isabela Region.
We were all surprised, she never been there, how come she got one applied in Quirino?
It was discovered that she applied her tax account number online and it went to Quirino Province.
Thats how, high tech Computer of BIR is?!!

The Marikina BIR, handling Antipolo business registrations, said, they need the original copy of the Tax Account application form with her number,to be transfered and to be put in their data base, then Lorraine can register as a tax payer in Antipolo.
Lorraine can then apply a BIR Registration for her business.

The accountant called the Quirino BIR office. The chief there said, he will send one copy to Marikina. (Oh Promise Me.) A week past, nothing arrived.

Accountant called again, Chief BIR said: "there was a storm here, all LBC and fax are out of order. We are waiting for another week."

Another week past, still no records sent.

Accountant informed me via emails, she followed it up constantly to the Chief Bir, he said he sent it already. I was annoyed. Just a piece of paper, it took nearly a month?????!!!!!! I took the BIR's celphone number and call him via long distance.

I was imagining how far from civilisation is Quirino Province?
Is it on the top of the mountain?
Is it a remote area going down from a mountain,where you get a carabao ride to go to the city?
Is he an igorot, thats why he doesnt understand the importance of paper works and time?!!!

If he still do not want to send the paper by fax or LBC(speed mail),after a week, I am willing to send Lorraine there, advising her, she must bring a rope and rubberboots,and a (compass, Michel added) in case she has to climb trees and cross rivers, haha.
And if it is that bad the road, SWAT Team na lang kaya papuntahin ko don???!

(Out of desperation girls, my brain runs wild!)

Im blah blah to Michel: "The Bir Head of Quirino must be sacked,for delaying money for the Government!!!!"
(There, I am really that desperate!)

I talked to the Quirino BIR head, and he was very polite, so my anger subsided.

He said, "A week storm strucked the area, all phones are cut, some services do not function."
I was thinking, he must had to attend to his family and his carabaos and goats and hens. You see, sometimes, we have to understand that at least, HE stayed in that area, to look after BIR tax office, when he could have been in Manila in a cozy Makati Building in Rockwell...
I changed gear of my anger and congratulated him of his dedication to his work.
Bah, they are heros in their own way pala?!

I offered him to pay his troubles in sending us the paper in Isabela 37kms away from Quirino Province. He doesnt want to.
I insisted that I am discussing with him in a business manner, and it is not because of other reasons. I just dont want the papers to be delayed.
He said, he will do it today.

I adviced him to text message the details of his bank account in Quirino, so that the accountant will reimburse him his expenses. He said:
Wag na Mam, ok na po. Wala po charges.

I started to guess, baka nga Igorot eto? I dont have any goat or hen to pay him, if he doesnt want money haha.I said, I will inform the accountant to send you the money,please send her your bank details. He said, thank you mam, but really, its not a big thing.

The next day, the accountant inform me she recieved a call from Marikina BIR that the LBC arrived. And a text from a Mr in Quirino about his bank details. He said, the cost doesnt exceed 500pesos.I told Lorraine to transfer cash via internet from her bank to Quirino bank for Sir, BIR Chief.

With that, I relaxed.Okey na.

Then last Monday, BIR informed us, from 6000pesos, we must pay 7000pesos penalty due to a month delay.


Reminding those in France, May 31 is the last day to file our taxes to the Govt.
Yes, we must "support" them, they need money too...
Especially France...

So thats a looong story of Lorraine's Tax account Number. One day, I will go to that area, Quirirno Province. Maybe Michel can experience riding on a carabao.

What do you think?

you can visit her blog here
sorry francesca stupid din kasi ako e

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Kalinga Boy on Pinoy Idol Top 12

I was surprised to know that Sherwin Marquez of Pinoy Idol is Sherwin Bayangan in real name whose father roots was traced in Lubo Tanudan Kalinga Province.He is a mestizo of Lubo Kalinga. He introduces himself as from tuguegarao city for any reason i duno..maybe because he lives their or for any other reasons beyond our control.. so i remember mark cielo of starstruck who claims to be an igorot because he really is is the profile of sherwin marquez in pinoy idol Sherwin Bayangan, who goes under the name of Sherwin Marquez, is 26 from Dagupan. He currently lives with his parents in Tuguegarao. He auditioned in Dagupan.

Pinoy Idol is the second franchise of Idol series in the Philippines (the word Pinoy is the colloquial form of the word Filipino). GMA Network promoted Pinoy Idol as "the first Idol competition in the Philippines" and does not recognize Associated Broadcasting Company's Philippine Idol and its winner Mau Marcelo.[3] It is hosted by Raymond Gutierrez, with Ogie Alcasid (singer, songwriter, and record producer), Jolina Magdangal (singer and actress), and Wyngard Tracy (retired talent manager) as judges.[4][5] Danny Tan is the show's musical director.

The winner will receive P1 million, a house and lot, brand new car, a recording contract with Sony BMG Music Philippines, and a television contract with GMA Network.[6] The show premiered on April 5, 2008.

I can't just think of any reason kung bakit indi nya binanggit ang kalinga blood nya..maybe he thinks it is a downfall, but i can't judge him until he would personally reason out..

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Lubuagan launches culture, arts center

Lubuagan launches culture, arts center
PIA Kalinga

LUBUAGAN, Kalinga – The Kalinga Center for Culture and the Arts was launched May 3 at Awichon mountain resort this town.

Gov. Floydelia Diasen was guest of honor together with Dr. Jesus Peralta of the National Commission on Culture and the Arts.

The center that showcased the dynamic culture and arts of the Kalingas was conceptualized and built by National Living Treasure awardee Alonzo Saclag, a native of this municipality. “It was a long cherished dream to build a heritage house for the Kalinga culture and arts,” Saclag said.

He said it was a common desire to nurture the Kalinga cultural heritage but it was only now that the concept was realized. Saclag, a sexagenarian artist who promoted the Kalinga culture and arts around the country and abroad, devoted his twilight years building the center nestled in a mountain some 10 kilometers from the Poblacion of Lubuagan.

During the ceremony, a musical instrument competition was joined by the different barangays of Lubuagan. The “Challichog” and “banga” dances that won fame in a national contest were also presented to the delight of guests.
The Tukon Cultural Dance group presented the Challichog and Pattunggok while the Matuun Dance Group performed the Banga dance. The neighboring barangay of Dangtalan, Pasil also rendered their version of salidummay.

for more immages on Awichon Lubuagan click here

Monday, April 28, 2008

Mt. Binaratan Summer Climb

April 15-22, 2008 Dacalan Tanudan Kalinga Province
Kalinga Mountaineering Society

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Nightmare with magellan GPS device

I have this problem with my magellan GPS, all around the internet i have searched for such answer to the problem but all of the researched i have made has one answer from all over the world user of magellan gps, then you will received such e mail from their very humble technical support!!! "Sorry, we might be afraid that their is no solution for the problem you are experiencing with your own unit, but we are glad to tell you that you can swap your magellan GPS device with a new model with a cheaper price." my gulay!!!!!!! i shouldn't have gambled with garmin GPS.. in my remaining life i will never ever recomend magellan GPS, go to garmins products....our balbalan recon went into failure due to this magellan's GPS device...

Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Last Ming Dynasty Gong in Kalinga

I am just wondering about the origins of gongs in Kalinga so i started to ask the elders during an "Am-ammong" a term use to describe a tribal community where they gather at night to tell stories in a fir place.

According to the elders they believed that their are 6 original (First to arrive in Kalinga as barter) gongs from kalinga which they name as Pusok, Bakaw, Tumiknag, Udo-or and the 2 is un named or maybe forgotten by this new generation of elders. The six gong is believed to arrived in kalinga during the Ming dynasty, if i am not mistaken , either 15th century or 16th (i think Ming dynasty lasted til 1662) century so with porcelains, and beads that is being bartered to the kalinga people.

Where are this gongs? Pusok is already broken, it was accidentally drop (Current owner: Mr Bayangan).. Bakaw is still existing (Owner: Mayor Rhustom Dagadag), Tumiknag is still existing (Owner: Dalanao Ayangdo (+) Macario Dalanao (+) but under the possesion of Judge Dalanao}, Udu-or can no where be found but they believed that it is in Sumadel Tinglayan Kalinga.. i Have tried to trace the two remaining gong but to no avail, i still believed they are being sold in the 1980's for the tuition of students and i hope they still exist within the philippines..

By the way if you are wondering about the prices of this gong. During the 1970's it cost 15 Carabaos each..

(The Pictures above are not the gongs i am referring, i have the gong tumiknag beside me but i forgot na pinahiram ko pala digicam ko kaya i can't take a picture of it.) I am not sure kung yung gong na hinahawakan ng son ko sa picture is tumiknag..i just can't identify it , cguro camera effects during the shot pero i am pretty sure the old gongs usually resembles a color with green and shiny gold type

Monday, March 10, 2008

Mt. Binaratan Summer Climb 2008

Mt. Binaratan
Tanudan Kalinga Province
APRIL 05-13, 2008
Major Climb
1886 Meters Above Sea Level
Difficulty: Unclassified
Elevation Gain: "Climb will start at the dacalan river 520ft. ASL"
Hike will start atleast 10 hours fro jeepney jump off to the dacalan river (wet season), atleast 4 hours to dacalan river from jeepney jump off (Dry Season)

Day 0
1800-2100 ETD for Tabuk City via Autobus or Victory Liner (P565) 12 hours journey by bus

Day 1
0900 breakfast/Rest
1200 lunch
1300 Secure guides / Register/Prepare
1800 Dinner / socials

Day 2
0600 wake up call
0700 Board a 6x6 truck to Jump Off Site (Se-et Tanudan Municipality) 200php each fare
0830 Enjoy the ruggedness of the road
1200 Lunch at Jump off Site
1300 Assault to Mt. Tangob
1630 Descent From Mt kokok to Base Camp
1800 ETA Pugo Barangay Lubo Tanudan Kalinga
1830 Set up camp; dinner

Day 3
0530 Await the sunrise; prepare for breakfast and departure
0700 Start Trekking to Barangay Dacalan (Mt. Binaratan Base Camp)
1130 Lunch at Barangay Dacalan
1200 REST
1900 REST and prepare for tomorrow’s assault

Day 4
0530 Await the sunrise; prepare for breakfast
0700 Assault to the Summit of Mt. Binaratan
1130 Early lunch along trail
1830 ETA summit of Mt. Binaratan
1900 Set-up camp/Dinner
2000 Socials/Rest

2 Options

Day 5
0530 Await the sunrise; prepare for breakfast
0700 start descent from Mt. Binaratan
1230 Lunch Barangay Dacalan
1330 Wait for tomorrow to avoid night trekking OR
1330 Trekking to Matabor Falls
1700 ETA Matabor Falss
1800 Dinner
1900 River Night Trekking (Rock Jumping)
2400 ETA Barangay Lubo Tanudan
0100 REST

Day 6
0600 wake up call
0700 Prepare to Move /Assault to Mt. Kokok
1200 Lunch along the trail
1600 ETA jump-off site
1700 Take a 6x6 truck ride Back to Tabuk City
2100 ETA Tabuk City
2130 Dinner/ Socials

Day 7
0800 Breakfast
0900 Souvenir shopping
1200 Lunch
1600 Return to Manila/ Baguio via autobus/ Victory Liner/ Gl Trans/ Dangwa Tranco

REGISTRATION FEE: 600 inclusive of Pamasahe Going to Tanudan

Mt. Binaratan is dubbed as the silent Mountain, it is the entry point of General Aguinaldo during his escape. Mt. Binaratan is the boundary between Mountain Province and Kalinga Province.The environment is comprised of dense, mossy jungles, where animals such as wild boars and deer roam, and where limatik (blood leeches) are a constant menace.

Mt. Binaratan according to legend, is the hunting ground of kabunyan "The Kalinga God", Once upon a time when Kabunyan is hunting at Mt. Binaratan, the birds are too noisy that he can't even hear the barking of his dogs and he lose sight of them.He then ordered the birds to keep quite. Today Mt. Binaratan is popularly known as the silent mountain among the locals,

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Making some fun during Ullalim 2008

here are some edited videos during the Ullalim festival

Monday, January 28, 2008

Arnel Banasan

Here is the translation for the song

Children who are energetic and explorers
Ladies and Gentleman
Hear me for what will I share
The advice of the elders

You are a human being with intelligence
You should not scold your parents
Because the life you are enjoying right now
Is a credit to your parents and the lord god

Hahahaha hahahaha aaaaaa (tribal Chanting)

If you want to go to school
It's Either Baguio City or Manila
Try your very best
To earn a Diploma/Degree

If you want to marry
Think five times
Ask the elders about life after marriage
Because it is very hard to start a new family

(tribal Chanting) hahahahaaaaa aaaaaa aaaaa

If there are parties or occasion
Get along with the people
Hear the elders with their advice
That is how an ekalinga behave

When they offer wine
A wine that is very tasty
Drink it and enjoy
That is how an ekalinga behave
But don't drink too much
Because it will be bad for you
It will change the way you walk
You will walk in a zigzag pattern like angtan (Ghost)

(tribal Chanting) hahahaha hahaha ahahahaa

Children's!!! Ladies and gentlemen
Hear what I am saying
The advice of the elders

Let's go all learn the pagta (By Laws) of the Bodong
Because it is our law
A law that binds us
A law that dictates how we behave.....

Tribal Chanting...................... (less)

Stranded mountaineers rescued in Quezon

(UPDATE) Stranded mountaineers rescued in Quezon

Sixteen mountaineers stranded in Mt. Cristobal in Dolores, Quezon have been rescued by the Air Force's 505th Search and Rescue Group, ABS-CBN News reported Sunday.

The mountaineers, some of whom came from the Pencil Advertising Group, were stranded near the summit of Mt. Cristobal since Saturday, correspondent Ron Gagalac reported.

Two of the mountaineers identified as Sonny Angeles and Eric Sanchez sustained major injuries and were the first ones airlifted to the military's Southern Luzon Command headquarters in Lucena City.

Angeles had a broken knee while Sanchez suffered a shoulder fracture.

The remaining 14 mountaineers were airlifted in the second chopper to an Air Force camp in Candelaria in Candelaria town. They were being treated by Red Cross medical technicians as of this posting and are scheduled to leave for Manila afterwards.

The Pencil mountaineers were identified as Michael Nisperos, Lan Vilmonte, Oliver John Gomez, Jesus Valmonte, Tady Diaz and Reg Romanilios.

Aside from Angeles and Sanchez, the other injured mountaineers were named as Sam Kabiling, Jeremy Reyes, Teri Binambang, Jean Aparis, Alex Madrona, Coy Roxas, Jaime Magpayo and Arnold Garchitorena.

Officials said the rescue mission was made difficult by the zero visibility and strong winds near the mountain's summit.

The mountaineers said they took the wrong path in ascending the mountain. They said that the path was the one usually used by trekkers in descending from the peak.

Red Cross officials added that the wrong path used was the reason why the mountaineers were stranded.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Vanishing Culture

For the latest Philippine news stories and videos, visit GMANews.TV

Here's a video from GMA network featuring the Vanishing tattos of the Kalingas

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Are these e kalinga?

nope, they are koreanas performing during the CMI grand openning. if these koreanas loves to wear kalinga costumes It should be a reminder to those e kalingas who tends to forget their culture.

Photo courtesy of: Anlin Dixie (KOalaKittie)
Visit her multiply site here