Thursday, June 26, 2008

Napolcom inspects anew police offices in Kalinga

PIA Kalinga

TABUK CITY, Kalinga – The National Police Commission (Napolcom) is conducting its annual inspection on the city and municipal police offices to know if they are operating according to their mandate.

Fernando Cosidon, Kalinga Napolcom provincial officer, said the yearly checking of police stations is in accordance with the mandate of their office as overseer of the Philippine National Police and other law enforcement branches under its watch.

Partly to be checked, Cosidon said, is the health status of police officers, whether they are all the time capable of discharging their duties; and their facilities and logistics available for quick response upon call of duty.
“The on-the-spot inspection will verify if law enforcing systems within a police station are working and responsive to their needs as law enforcers and to the needs of the citizens they serve,” Cosidon said.

Included during the inspection conducted this month are firearms inventory and their serviceability, the building, and equipment. Thus far, only Tabuk City, Pinukpuk, Tinglayan, and Balbalan have built their own buildings jointly funded by the local government unit and the national government.

Other municipalities, he said, are in the process of requesting financial assistance from PNP national headquarters and other sources. “The lot where to build a police office is also an important consideration before the approval of any request for a building,” Cosidon added.
He said his office acts on findings that need immediate action and refer to higher authorities those that cannot be addressed at his level.

“Recommendations will also be made for the LGUs and other local partners asking them fund assistance to improve police stations or intercede in the solutions of problems,” he said.

Meanwhile, a monthly report of the provincial PNP office submitted to Napolcom shows that police personnel adhere to civil service rules and regulations. Absent police officers have filed their approved leave of absence, the report reveals.
One senior police officer was reported incapable and applied for permanent disability to claim benefits. An administrative charge was filed against a senior inspector and endorsed by Napolcom-Kalinga to PRO-CAR while his criminal case is being handled by the prosecutor’s office.

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