Sunday, December 16, 2007

YES my friend..... This will happen

Yes my friend...this will happen...

By LTC Francis Eugenio L Lardizabal, CO, 21ST IB, 5ID, PA

Fresh flower plants around the oval surround the White Carabao marker. There was a heavy volume of vehicle, but traffic was smooth. The traffic light that was installed hanging at the center of the oval was very precise, that even in the absence of police officers; everybody was much disciplined to obey the traffic rules.

In front of the Saint Williams Parish is an information booth for tourists. Foreigners and local tourists trying to find ways to inquire where they could get accommodations before they could go to their own destinations packed it. It is the season for the much-awaited White Water Rafting at the Chico River. For other tourists, it is the time for the sight seeing tour to the splendid numerous waterfalls of Lubuagan. But there seems to be a shortage of hotels, both in Dagupan and Bulanao of Tabuk City. But even though, the usual practice of offering some private homes as motel has always served the visitors. Anyway, turning homes into inns became a lucrative business for everybody in town.

Meantime, the grounds of Rizal, Kalinga was also jump-packed by people coming from as far as Visayas and Mindanao to attend to the Annual Pinikpikan Festival. Yah... even foreigners were invited to attend and participate to the celebration! The Provincial and Municipal Government are hosting the affair, where prices were at stake. Contests like Duck-Relay, Duck Cooking, Duck-Beauty Pageant, Biggest Duck, Smallest-Duck, and many more involving ducks were on the line. The municipality became the Duck Capital of the North.

The province was so alive that wherever you go, festivities seem to be a normal affair. Over in Tinglayan, foreigners and local tourists are busy buying their own costumes to participate in a Play. The Legend of the Sleeping Beauty, a Play that was inspired for its cultural richness became a success after it was shown at the Cultural Center of the Philippines some years back. The Play is a three day affair. Tourists in costumes act as members either of warring tribes, or maybe with any cast whom they prefer. This is a tourist package where one experience living in the traditional Kalinga houses, hike near the splendid waterfalls of the municipality, and visit more spots that could not be found anywhere in the world.

The former mining area of the Batong Buhay Gold Mines Inc (BBGMI) has become a main attraction of the province. Waiting list in the reservation line reaches at least two weeks before one could get an experience in the place. Families line-up, and could stay two days in make-shift bunkers near the tunnels. The bunkers were turned into some sort of inns with basic amenities. It is the experience of getting inside the tunnels, collecting and milling their own piles that give the visitors a taste of adventure. One family was so lucky to get ten grams of gold, and this was made into a ring as a souvenir at the nearby goldsmith inside the mine compound.

The first-born ladies of Lobo in Tanudan have returned! They were forced to get back to their homes, and stay there permanently with their families to take care for a very promising future. Students, couples and other people from the metropolis now swarm their locality. Their rice terraces has become the alternative of the Banaue Rice Terraces. The clean waters of the Tanudan River gave splendid moments to the visitors to dip their bodies, and stay away from the pollutions of the city. Tanudan also became a favorite place for honeymooners and environmentalists. The ecosystem was preserved in the municipality, despite the 45 minutes ride towards Tabuk City.

And who could prevent people from going to Balbalan, and have a look at the awe-inspiring parks with roaming deers and other wild animals. The place was practically turned into a National Wildlife and Reservation area. The municipality became the Worlds Second Tourist destination, overtaking Palawan. Despite the tour package price ranging from $2000 to $3000 dollar per person, reservations are pouring in for the whole year. The Eco-Walk alone, stretching kilometers of forest land, reaching Abra and Apayao Provinces is one of its kind in the world. It is one package where visitors can enjoy nature at its best. Some former rebels were turned into tour guides, while others as zoo keeper.

The Ilocanos of Kalinga has something to be proud of. They were hired as cooks in restaurants, demanding good pays to serve original goat delicacies all over the province. Pinukpuk and Nambucayan of Tabuk City became the Center for goat raising of the province. Restaurants serving said delicacies became a normal attraction in every municipality of the province. It is only in Kalinga where one could eat goat delicacy to his heart’s content, and at the cheapest price. Moreover, businessmen from other provinces and cities come in close contact with our local raisers in order to be prioritized with their orders. The situations seems to have changed now-a-days…they, the people from other places now seems to come without reservations.

The Province has recently received the prestigious Most Developed Province award. It has surpassed by an average 55 percent in tax collection for the last five years. Employment before was a big concern. The tourism industry alone has a shortage of at least 3000 tour guides for the last 5 years. Hotels sprout like mushrooms in every municipality, and the province alone could not satisfy the demand. Almost every sector faces the challenge of looking for capable employees. As a result, workers have to imported and trained from nearby provinces just to satisfy the requirement.

The Weaving Industry contributed a lot to the coffers of the provincial treasury. Tourists and locals buy the product, and this became a backyard industry especially to the retired citizens. The approved resolution made years back, adopting the Kalinga dress as the official daily uniform for all government workers down to the barangay level worked. This has actually helped in the promotion of tourism in the province.

Though the province has reached its boom, the ecosystem was preserved for this is the main resource not available anywhere else in the country. The exception however is the electricity provided by the waters of Chico River. The lands submerged in Pasil proves to be a good sacrifice, as the town and its people are the direct benefactors of the hydro-electric plant that was completed five years ago. The fishing industry is owned by the people themselves through their cooperatives, and resorts at the nearby dam has brought tourism at its best.

The problem of Peace and Order in the province is a thing of the past. The Kalinga Police Provincial Office (KPPO) was placed at the Hall of Fame for being adjudged as the best peacekeeper of all time. For five consecutive years, there was a 98 percent crime rate solution. Practically, criminality is unheard-off in the province. Most cases heard in courts are on family settlements like battered husbands, or maybe boundary disputes. Thanks to the experience of the province on the Malapiat incident wayback in 2007, all major land disputes were solved.

The NPA’s were never again heard after the successful dialogue made some years back. The people talked in that dialogue, where they gave an ultimatum to the insurgents. The people did not understand any ideology, and their only concern are their children’s future. The people, as if begging to the insurgents during the dialogue were very successful. Majority from the Kalinga Group went down, and this became the beginning of everything.

Yes, its really nice to stay or visit the province. As each visitor leave the portals of Kalinga, maybe along any of its five gates (Tinglayan-Sadanga, Balbalan-Abra, Pinukpuk-Tuao, Rizal-Solana, and Tabuk-Isabela), one could really notice how this area, once notorious for its culture of violence, became to what it is now. The people have learned the hard way, and it is the sacrifice of accepting change and realities that helped each individual shape the province.

As I leave the portals of Kalinga…driving my vehicle and already an old timer and a tourist, I stopped and looked… and there it was…the immortalized scriptures at the goodbye sign…”NEVER AGAIN WILL THERE BE VIOLENCE!”.

Riiiiiiiiing!, Riiiiiiiing!, Riiiiiiing! Wow, it’s five in the morning. Have to go to work. The alarm is a real savior for a man like me. But my dream…it’s a very a very wonderful dream. So my friend…I bet you, this will happen.

Friday, November 9, 2007

A climb to the Forehead of Sleeping Beauty

I was in Baguio when my visitors arrive here in Tabuk on Oct. 28, 2007, from October 29 to 30 we had our pre climb training and seminar at Saint William's Academy, and we rappel at pasunglao bridge in preparation for the climb. On October 31, we boarded a 6x6 truck bound for Tanudan , It was a rugged 8 hours journey to our jump off site. Riding in a 6x6 truck is like riding in a roller coaster. It was a muddy road, sometimes we have to walk.Although the condition of the road is too bad, it gives pleasure and enjoyment to the mountaineers. The road is very dangerous for first timers, it's a one way lane beneath high ravines. at 1200H, we had our lunch at barangay Se-et Tanudan, supposed to be it is our jump off site and the start of our climb. By foot it would take six hours to reach Mt. Tatakkan (Jump Off site)traversing 3 mountains (Mt. Gimma, Mt. Kokok and Mt. Alli) atleast each mountain has an elevation of 1800meters above sea level. then a three hour hike to the village Barangay Lubo, base of Mt. Patukan or the Sleeping Beauty Mountain.
At 1600H, October 31, 2007 we finally arrived at Barangay Lubo. This area would be the start of our journey to the forehead of the Sleeping Beauty.Mountaineers from Manila are very surprised with the hospitality of the people, we stayed at the House of Mrs. Conchita Baggas a kagawad at the barangay. As usual with the Kalingas, it is a pleasure to have guest in our house, and butchering of the pig is a way of celebrating and welcoming the guest.We had a meeting with the villagers with regards to environmental awareness.

0700H Nov. 1, 2007 (The real Journey Begin)
(They Thought it was one mountain, how wrong they were. At the back of my mind is to traverse atleast 4 mountain before the final assault to Mt. Patukan (yan lang ang pwedeng daanan e.)
26 Participants join the Climb, 14 are from Manila and 12 are from Tabuk City Kalinga
at around 1100H we reached the summit of Mt. Dulliyao (First Mountain). We have to cook for our lunch their because it is the only place where water is available.At 0100H it is our assault to the top of Mt. Borngong (2nd Mountain), then Mt. Wagod our gateway to the jungle. Moral now is becoming low, leeches (alimatek or "matok") is everywhere, their are no existing trail so we had to clear our own way. Much worst, it rains. As a lead man, i am the one answering questions from the mountaineers "Nats Malapit na ba tayo?" and my usual answer that i inherited from the folks is "Malapit Lang, dyan lang" then they usually answer me back with "Hayop naman yung malapit, e indi na namin mabilang kung ilang bundok, akala namin iisang assault lang sa tuktok" "nats ilang oras pa?" sagot ko: Siguro mga 1 hour na lang..then after 3 hours sasalita na naman sila "Grabe naman yang time mo, sabi mo 1 hour e 1 min 3 hours na"
then finally at 1800h, after a tiresome hike, soaked and wet we are now in the summit of Mt. Patukan. We are welcome by fogs, wala kaming makita na view.

0600H (Wake up Call)
We are welcome by the beautiful scenic view of Bangad Tinglayan in the morning (syempre picture taking.Pero mga 15min lang nakalipas covered na naman ng fogs), we eat our breakfast then pack up for the much worst traverse route trail.
As a lead man, my original plan is to rapel a 90 degree waterfalls but my guide who is a hunter misunderstood me.Instead he guided us to a 60 degrees waterfall approximately 120 meters. At 1100H we cook our lunch in a small cave. Then a 2 hour hike down to the waterfalls top.2 of the mountaineers have cheated death during our descending, thanks to the rope.At 1400H we have to go down again a ravine at least 60degrees 180meters. Salamat at hindi umulan kundi patay na yung iba.. That ravine is very slippery even when it is dry, the chance of survival when falling is at least 10%.

1800H to 2400H (River Trekking at night Gappu River)
at last we reached the river by 1800H, a 6 hour river trekking without the chance of cooking food and coffee. we are all soaked and wet. everybody is low morale, everybody's feeling weak..We are blinded by total darkness navigating thru the lumination of some flashlights and headlamps whose battery are still working.Jump,slide,soaked and crawl.Some of the mountaineers requested me to set up an emergency camp but i refused due to my fear that when it rains, their's the possibility of flash flood.and now comes midnight and the promising sight of the hanging bridge...morale boost high... by 0030H we reached the village, then an all morning celebration!!!shot shot shot

0800H nov. 3, 2007 we proceeded to a small village near the tanudan river.. same all day we had funs with the natives teaching them how to rapel in a hanging bridge at Pugo Tanudan...same enjoy enjoy ..butchering of pigs...eating from one house to another...invitations from left to right....

0700H Nov. 4, 2007 (Good Bye Tanudan, welcome tragedies and storm)
1000H we reached Tatakkan then we aboard a 6x6 truck again! same roller coaster experience until Mt. Siblu where one of the crew of the truck was being hit by the rear wheel...The truck was trap,in the middle of a storm....

The mountaineers training have paid off during their return to Tabuk. One of the crew of the 6x6 truck have been hit by the rear wheel causing the truck to be traped in the middle of a storm, up in the mountain, exposed in open cold wind, from 10:30 AM until 6:45 PM. Along with the trap passengers are 3 infant babies bound to Tabuk for a check up. With no hesitation, members of the Sagka and Kalinga Mountaineering society responded to the victims with their first aid kits, medicines and bondages. “Habang binibigyan ng first aid yung victim, yung ibang mountaineers inilabas na lahat ng mga portable stove para magpa-init ng tubig para sa gatas ng mga bata, tsaka para magluto ng kape dahil sa sobrang lamig. Nilabas na rin naming lahat ng thermal blanket kasi nanginginig na lahat nung mga pasahero sa truck, pati mga ground sheets. Dahil Sa sobrang lakas ng hangin at ulan. Hindi kami nanghihinayang na naputol yung climbing rope namin sa panghatak sa sasakyan kasi nga nakatulong naman kami. 3 tons lang capacity ng climbing rope e yung sasakyan halos 15 tons kasi.Kahit sobrang mahal ng climbing rope hindi kami nanghihinayang. Ang nasa isip lang naming nun mga panahon yun ay madala yung biktima sa ospital baka matetano kaya pinalakad na naming ibang members hanggang barangay seet Tanudan. Para magtawag ng sasakyan.” (Quoted from: Noel Montano a movie director and the head of SAGKA)

atlast by 2100H andito na kami sa Tabuk!!! but we are welcome by brown out...all night party till morning!!!!!

0900H Nov. 5, 2007 (Looking for souvenir shops in Tabuk)
shopping shopping
1200H Lunch Lunch Lunch (we are invited at Crispin Gayagay's house as usual butchering of pigs!!)
1630H good Bye Kalinga!!!!

****Kalinga May not offer the highest mountains to climb, but it offers what it takes to enjoy your Journey and adventure****

Mt. Patukan is 1906 meters above sea level



Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Kalinga Villagers ok geothermal exploration

VILLAGERS from six sub-tribes of Kalinga have given their consent to the proposed exploration project on geothermal energy in Pasil.

Natividad Sugguiyao, provincial officer of the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP)-Kalinga, said a memorandum of agreement (MOA) and a free prior and informed consent (FPIC) signed by the council of elders from each community affected reflect the decision of all members of the tribes after undergoing the process of grassroots consultation and consensus building.

“The application for a geothermal service contract of Aragorn Power and Energy Corporation-Guidance Management Corporation (Apec-GMC) filed with the Department of Energy (DOE) covers a total of 14,724.16 hectares of ancestral domain. It affects 1,074 households of 6,500 indigenous peoples in Kalinga,” Sugguiyao said.

Sun.Star Baguio

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Featuring "Kesu"

Finally, the Probe Team Documentaries goes to Kalinga to meet with folk artist Alonzo Saclag. Saclag known to his students as “Kesu” is a Kalinga master of dance and performing arts. Growing up in Lubuagan, Kalinga, the third capital of revolutionary government of the Philippines, instilled in him a sense of nationalist pride about his ethnic Kalinga heritage. In 1974, he single-handedly formed the Kalinga Budong Dance Troupe. The group has so far won 5 national folk dancing awards since its formation. Ultimately he dreams of building an ethnic village -- a living museum and a thriving testament to the uniqueness of Kalinga culture. JM Cobarrubias puts on the traditional Kalinga garb and learns the dances of the Kalinga.

Thursday, August 2, 2007


Once again, some 250 Kalinga folks in the United States, Canada and other countries including a few from the Philippines gathered last July 20 – 22, 2007, at Arlington, Virginia, for the International Festival of Kalinga Arts and Culture, dubbed “Amung” – the Kalinga term for a village celebration.

It was the 4th “Amung” and grand reunion sponsored by the Kalingas – North America Network (KaNA), a non-profit, public service corporation, founded in 2000 primarily to promote, preserve and perpetuate the traditional arts and culture of the Kalinga and other indigenous groups of the Cordillera region of northern Philippines. The event is held every two years.

The first day activities included the display and sale of Kalinga native crafts and an evening informal reception party for the early arrivals with native and modern dancing.

The second day was highlighted by the much attended workshops for youth groups and adult attendees on the Kalinga traditional dances and musical instrumentations along with a seminar on the peace and order situation of the Kalinga province in the Philippines. Resource speakers during the seminar were Kalinga ex-Governor Dominador Belac, former Kalinga provincial board member Iluminada Duyan and Dr. Manuel Belandres.

According to Marshall A. Wandag, KaNA’s current president and board chairman, an ad hoc committee will soon be formed with representatives from the various organizations in the United States and Canada with Kalinga memberships. The committee will strive to come up with strategies on how overseas Kalingas could help in the peace and order problems of Kalinga province.

The evening of the second day was capped with a dinner-dance highlighted with special presentations of Kalinga native dances and musical instrumentations by the youth and adult members who attended the cultural workshops, as well as performing troupes of the United Kalinga Apayao Association, the BIBAK club of Washington, D.C., and the sponsoring organization. Plaques of recognition were handed to the special guests from the Philippines and drawing of raffle winners. Modern dancing followed all through the night.

On the third and final day, an ecumenical mass was officiated by Bishop Prudencio Andaya of the Kalinga Roman Catholic vicariate. A picnic lunch was held and followed by an open forum with Gov. Belac and Bishop Andaya.

The “Amung” was coordinated by Connie Baluyan-Alfrido as chairperson. Other planning committee members included – Edwin and Mia (Apolinar) Abeya, Steve and Ester (Manangbao) Hogye, Phil and Patz (Acuat) Cabase, Elpidio and Gloria (Amiling) De Guzman, Henry and Nellie (Abeya) Pit-og, Tom and Joanne (Masadao) Skeel, Tommy and Junie (Belandres) Todas, Gary and Bridgette (Bondad) Sallidao, Julie Sawil-Morgan, Liza Agsib-Johnson, Anat Acuat-Alegre, Ted Acuat, Andrew Dompao, Michael Wandag, Janice Sugguiyao Shiu, Joe Alfrido and Adele Sugguiyao-Wandag.

The KALINGAS-NORTH AMERICA NETWORK, Inc. (KaNA), organized 2000, is a duly incorporated non-profit and public service corporation for cultural, educational and charitable purposes, primarily for the promotion, preservation and perpetuation of the traditional arts and culture of the Kalinga (and other Cordillera) indigenous groups of the Philippines. It has been granted tax-exemption under IRS Section 501(c)(3). Donations to KaNA are tax-deductible. Please consult with your tax advisor. Thank you for your support.

Marshall A. Wandag
President & Chairman of the Board
(323) 665-9771

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Death of a friend

I considered Maj. Gacadan as one of a friend and barkada..I remember the days when we all drink together, go to the bars and eat together with some of our friends..The last time i met him is during the Kalinga foundation Day where we had our drinking spree at home, he is 15 years older than me but we have something in common, he is a product of PNPA...yesterday is just a very sad news..just because of the very sad news i have cut and paste some articles about his death..
by Grace @ 8:01 pm. Filed under News

By Ernie N. Olson Jr.

BAGUIO CITY -– A ranking police official and an alleged drug pusher were killed while a government agent was seriously injured after an anti-drug operation ended up in a shootout in Bangued, Abra before noon Wednesday.

Cordillera Police Regional Director Raul Gonzales identified the fatalities as Chief Inspector Dante Gacadan, chief of the Abra Provincial Anti-Illegal Drug Special Operations Task Group (PAIDSOTG) and Aga Ato, 21, a native of Mamantao, Lanao del Sur, who was reported to be a known drug personality operating in Abra and the Ilocos Region.

The wounded policeman, on the other hand, was named as Police Officer 2 Renato Guerrero of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) field office there.

According to Gonzales, Gacadan and Guerrero were conducting surveillance on Ato’s illegal drug operations, when the latter was seen armed with a handgun in front of the Benesa compound at around 11:15 a.m. last July 11.

“The suspect, who was on board a motorcycle, sensed the approaching personnel and fired at them. A hot pursuit operation then ensued, which resulted to a shootout, where Gacadan and Guerrero were both hit,” Gonzales reported.(Sun.Star Baguio)

A RANKING police official and an alleged drug pusher were killed while a government agent was seriously injured after an anti-drug operation ended up in a shootout in Bangued, Abra before noon Wednesday.

Chief Superintendent Raul Gonzales, director of the Police Regional Office (PRO) in the Cordillera, identified the fatalities as Chief Inspector Dante Gacadan, chief of the Abra Provincial Anti-Illegal Drug Special Operations Task Group (PAIDSOTG); and Aga Ato, 21, a native of Mamantao, Lanao del Sur, who was reported to be a known drug personality operating in Abra and the Ilocos Region.

View here the list of local winners

The wounded policeman, on the other hand, was named as Police Officer 2 Renato Guerrero of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) field office there.

According to Gonzales, Gacadan and Guerrero were conducting surveillance on Ato's illegal drug operations, when the latter was seen armed with a handgun in front of the Benesa compound at around 11:15 a.m. last July 11.

After Gacadan called for backup, personnel of the 1601st Provincial Police Mobole Group led by their group commander, Senior Inspector Larry Baunsi, immediately proceeded to the area.

"The suspect, who was on board a motorcycle, sensed the approaching personnel and fired at them. A hot pursuit operation then ensued, which resulted to a shootout, where Gacadan and Guerrero were both hit," Gonzales reported.

Although both of them were immediately rushed to the Abra Provincial Hospital, Gacadan was pronounced dead upon arrival there, while Guerrero underwent medical treatment and was subsequently confined there. The suspect was also hit and died on the spot.

Recovered by a responding scene-of-the-crime operations team in the area was one Mark IV cal. 45 pistol bearing serial number 180852.

A follow-up operation conducted by a composite team from the PRO-Cordillera Intelligence & Investigation Division, the PNP Intelligence Group 14, the PNP Criminal Investigation and Detection Group and the Abra Provincial Police Office led them to the boardinghouse of the suspect, which is owned by Jerry Colet of Danglas, Abra.

They recovered one small weighing scale and several amounts of suspected shabu placed in a heat-sealed sachet there.

Gacadan’s body was transferred to the Baquiran Funeral Homes, while the cadaver of the suspect was brought to Pineda Funeral Homes.

Gonzales said the case is still undergoing follow-up investigation as of presstime Wednesday.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Kalinga Visitors are protected by the Bodong

Killing someone's visitor is just like killing a family member of the host..In the old tradition of the pagta "You have to avenge the killing of your visitor"but the new revised pagta still considers killing a visitor a taboo but avenging it is not permitted..

Section 5 Article 7 of the pagta
Section 5. Wakwak - Any binodngan who kills a visitor whether a binodngan or not at his house or outside the house within the bugis within twelve (12) hours is liable. The offender, in addition to the penalty of the crime committed, shall pay a fine (multa) of one (1) carabao to be given to the host of the victim.

To a Kalinga, killing a visitor who ate and drunk the food and water of his host is tabooed (paniyaw/kaniyaw). It is believed that the offender will not live a long and happy life.

It is the highest form betrayal for you have fed him, only to bring out the food from his stomach. Wakwak literally means “killing a person whereby the food eaten by him is spilled”.

Traders went to Lubuagan to sell goods. They were fed but they were killed. That is wakwak.

Another example of wakwak is the root cause of the tribal war between Lubo and Tulgao. Some men from Tulgao passed through Lubo. They were fed there, after which they proceeded to Mangali. While there, they were killed for unknown reasons. The people of Lubo resented the killing and avenged their death. Thereafter, they went to report the incident to Tulgao for the tumo.

Instead of giving the customary thanksgiving, the people of Tulgao killed them - that sparked the tribal fight in 1939.

That was the way in the past. You have to avenge the killing of your visitors. But Christian as we are, we have to obtain justice in a way consonant to the present view that killing as a way dispensing justice is prohibited. The offender now is liable to pay a fine of one (1) carabao whether the case is filed in court he is still obliged to pay the damages under the bodong.The bodong recognized our justice system.and the bodong is outside the decision of the court.

Binodngan= any member of a tribe within a bodong
Bugis= Territory of the bodong

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Bloody Demolition in Kalinga

Rizal Mayor Marcelo de la Cruz implements Municipal Ordinance #2005-005 that prohibits land squatting in Rizal town.Sending Demolition crew with police escorts at Barangay San Pascual Rizal Kalinga which resulted to the death of 9 people and wounding of 10 police officers. the gunmen were ordered to surrender but refused and kept firing at the government forces, resulting in sporadic gunbattles that lasted throughout the day.
The squatters dug foxholes and refused to vacate the area, armed with automatic rifles they begun firing at the demolition team in which the police are forced to return fire.

The policemen immediately called on reinforcements from the Kalinga Provincial Police Office and Regional Mobile Group and the Army’s 21st Infantry Battalion.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Tabuk is now a city

Tabuk on became a city on Sunday after a successful plebiscite.

With the plebiscite, Tabuk became the only component city in the Cordillera Administrative Region.

Baguio City, the other city in the region, has been a chartered city since 1909.

According to figures released by the Commission on Elections in Cordillera, 17,060 approved the proposal while 2,333 objected against the move to declare Tabuk a city.

Tabuk has 44,128 registered voters. Velasco claimed only 44 percent went out to participate in the historic plebiscite.

Comelec regional director Armand Velasco said that the canvassing ended Sunday

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Suspect in Vice Gov. Killing surrendered to the NBI

The suspect who allegedly shot a gubernatorial candidate in Kalinga in April surrendered to the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI).the suspect Joel Agagon Melod, 24, a resident of Magnao, Tabuk, Kalinga, surrendered to the NBI Cagayan Valley Regional Office (CAVRO) headed by regional director Constantino P. Joson.
The suspect confesses that it was a vengeance for the death of Judge Milnar Lammawin clearing the Name of Wacnang as one of the possible suspect master minding the death of Diasen.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Climbers bring School Supplies to the Poor

67 Manila Based Mountain Climbers headed by Jhoana Pimentel, a Manila-based marketing assistant for a US law firm distributed school supplies to the students of Lubo Elementary School.the volunteer ambassadors of the “Big Brother, Big Sister” outreach program bring education to the country’s backwoods.
The climbers completed their 18 hour footmarch with the guidance of Mrs. Marlyn Tombali the adviser of The Kalinga Mountaineering Club..

Friday, June 8, 2007


(Indonesian Cuties with Kalinga Artist Alex Tumapang(L) and Charles Wandag (R) During the international Folk Song Festival- China

Charles Wandag popularly known as "Badjao" Bob marley of the ekalingas will be releasing his latest album which includes "KALINGA DREADLOCK RASTAMAN".
since the album is on limited production, you may contact the artist to reserve some copies. 2 of the song included can be played at "Rastaman and Tampuhan"

for more info/comments/email:

you may also want to visit Badjao's on multiply here

Sunday, May 27, 2007


BAGUIO CITY—Kalinga gubernatorial bet Floydelia Diasen was finally proclaimed by the provincial board of canvassers Tuesday morning.

Although the petition of her rival, incumbent Rep. Laurence Wacnang, is still being heard by the provincial board of canvassers, Commission on Elections provincial director Ricardo Lampac said the votes from Tinglayan town will no longer affect the results of the elections in the gubernatorial race.

Lampac said that the canvassed votes from Tinglayan would only total to more than 9,000.

But the proclamation for the congressional and vice gubernatorial race was suspended as of press time.

Official results of the provincial board of canvassers showed that Diasen obtained 52,000 votes compared to Wacnang’s 34,000 votes.

Earlier, Diasen’s camp filed a petition to the provincial board of canvassers to immediately proclaim her as winner but Wacnang’s lawyers opposed it.

The same petition also claimed that Wacnang, who is running second in the gubernatorial race, was using dilatory tactics to prevent the proclamation of Diasen by posing impertinent, irrelevant, irrational and arbitrary motions or arguments before the provincial board of canvassers.

Manila Standard

Monday, May 21, 2007

Proclamation of the New Kalinga Governor Hangs

TRUE to what Commission on Elections (Comelec) regional director Velasco predicted that more violence might occur after the elections, especially among candidates who could not accept defeat, the political situation in Kalinga at the moment is getting more intense.

“The situation is tense,” was how Kalinga Election Officer Rufino Lampac described the province’s condition, in a text message to Sun.Star Sunday night. “Tulgao (incumbent Gov. Laurence Wacnang) wants to delay as much as possible,” he added.

As a result, Lampac said canvassing at Tinglayan, a known bailiwick of Wacnang, is currently on hold. Canvassing in the municipalities of Tabuk, Rizal, Pasil, Pinukpuk, Lubuagan and Balbalan were already completed.

Results of the canvassing in these municipalities showed the widow of slain Vice Governor Romel Diasen - Floydelia - leading by a wide margin against incumbent Wacnang and another candidate, lawyer Warren Luyaben.

Source:Sunstar Network

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Mayor seeks revamp of ‘bodong’ council; policies

TABUK, Kalinga: Apparently disgusted with the claim that tribal conflict is behind the recent killing of vice-governor and gubernatorial bet Rommel Diasen, the town mayor here has proposed that the Matagoan Bodong Consultative Council be revamped and some of its policies be revised and enforced.

Mayor Camilo Lammawin Jr. said he is disgusted by the nonenforcement of some “bodong” policies, which has been allegedly taken for granted by some “mestizos” who took over the council.

“In the previous years, ‘bodong’ has been very effective because the people enforcing it are natives like us. Now, we have been invaded by mestizos or strangers,” he said.

Lammawin said he was also incensed by the failure of the “bodong” council officials to work for the filing of criminal charges against the killers after the civil liabilities of offenders were absolved by giving “papod”—a form of appeasement, such as money or carabao.

Manila Times

Friday, May 4, 2007

Kalinga local candidates forge peace covenant

TABUK, Kalinga — Local candidates in five municipalities this province forged recently peace covenants to work for and observe clean election process among other agreed provisions.

For the candidates of the towns of Lubuagan, Tanudan, Pinukpuk, Balbalan, and Tinglayan, they agreed to observe honest, orderly, credible, and peaceful election and to abide by the following: post campaign materials only on designated common poster areas; will not resort to vote buying; will not engage in violence, intimidation, and ballot snatching; will not employ the services of private armies; and will not pay campaign fees to the communist terrorists.

They will also respect each other and their opponents and not to apply black propaganda to gain advantage over their rivals.

The peace covenants were signed by mayoral candidates, vice mayoral bets and councilor-candidates.

The peace forum which resulted to the signing of the peace covenant was sponsored by Comelec and the Police.

In Tanudan, 29 out of the 41 candidates signed the agreement. In Pinukpuk, the covenant signing was witnessed by Fr. Lodovikus Mamu Koten, Catholic Parish Priest there.

It can be recalled that Provincial Election Supervisor Thomas Kalinga placed the towns of Tinglayan, Lubuagan, Pasil, Pinukpuk and Tanudan, all of Upper Kalinga, as areas of immediate concern for the May 14 election after evaluating the peace and order situation in the said areas with the police and the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Just for laugh lang po

I want to explain myself ..unahan ko na yung mag iintriga... Nagustuhan ko lang po yung ginawa ng kababayan natin na taga cordillera sa you tube "Follow the leader"..Kilala nyo naman me i am a visual artist before and i find beauty with my own angle..I am not making fun of our culture but i am just trying to entertain people just like art...Nag-paalam po ako sa mga cast or yung mga tao na naipakita sa video and they all agree na just for laugh..I made a 30 min version pero baka magalit yung kababayan natin kung sakali makita nila mukha nila dancing with the tune of a disco..kaya cut off ko lang ng 3min..I don't mean to intimidate nor degrade,just like marc logan just for laugh lang po..eto yung video..the other video "follow the leader",i just adopted the concept from one of the video posted on you tube by our fellow cordilleran..

Thursday, April 19, 2007

I shall Return

My first expedition to Mt. Binaratan is so very hard so i shall return to improve the trail and to establish a camp site for future climber..I am planning of bringing a "pala" i will dig that water source to make a basin para indi na mag-antay mga future hiker ng ilang oras para lang malagyan ang 250ml botle container for atleast 15 min..I promise gusto pa namin establish yung ibang mountains with the help of the Kalinga Mountaineering Club,such as sleeping Beuty Mountain etc..So for those who are interested for the climb join na! April 28 to May 1..di lang naman Mt. Binaratan pupuntahan natin pati Matabor falls etc....konting exercise lang mahirap ang daanan or should i say wala pa ring daan dun...

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My Adventure to Tanudan

Tanudan has a lot of Tourist spot which is still unexplored, I spent my holy week climbing the rugged mountains of tanudan specially Mt. Binaratan and Matabor falls.I have only one day to prepare for the climb so i went unprepared.
From Tabuk we travel through the rugged road of Tanudan until we reached the end of the road which is the start of our adventure.From tattakkan Tanudan we decided to spent the night at Barangay Dacalan after a long hike and river crossing.We spent the night planning for our climb at Mt. Binaratan..We are being warned by the people that the place is infiltrated by the NPA (Mt. Binaratan is the boundary of Tanudan Kalinga and Mountain Province).So we even armed ourselves with automatic rifles just incase ,we will die engaging them.We hired people to guide us through our climb and to make a way for us because the place have never been explored for a long time.We are told that we are the 2nd team to attempt before this Group from UP although they didn't make it to the summit so we will try to attempt to be the first outsiders group to reach the summit..We are even surprised to know that 95% of the people of Dacalan didn't even went to what was called "The Silent Mountain" Mt. Binaratan..
I have a lot of hiking experience when i was still a cadet from PMA. We even climbed Sto. Thomas from PMA to Kennon to Mt. Sto Thomas..Our footmarch from Baguio to Poro Point La union, Our FTX at Ternate Cavite But i still consider Mt. Binaratan to be one of the challenging adventure. It is very hard to climb a mountain when there is no existing way,Just Like Mt. Binaratan..Maybe someday when the site will be promoted it will soon develop into a tourist spot and to be declared as protected area..
One of our cameras have been soaked in the middle of the river when one of our companion slip when we are crossing the river.The trail is so bad,The path is full of blood sucking leech (matek), Black ants, and it is very slippery.The land is always wet but you can't find a stream with in Mt. Binaratan(Silent Mountain)..We decided to established our camp atleast halfway to the summit because it is the only place where we can find water although we are still frustrated due to the facts that we can only get a drop of water at a time (Imagine filling a galoon with only a few drops of water)..Our main goal is to document and film the place but since the place is so foggy and the sun doesn't cooperate we decided to spent the night at our camp site hoping that tomorrow we could see the sun and the fogs will disappear inorder to take the perfect shots we want..The night is even disappointing although exciting because of the extreme cold much worst it is raining, majority of us doesn't have any tents,only hamoks..Our plan for the night to go hunting for deers and wild pigs didn't even pursue because of the rain, so our breakfast is "Pa-it" rattan and can goods, our cofee is from the leaf of this tree they call it "Itsa tree"..
We are even disappointed to wake up early in the morning only to see the same weather although we decided to pursue to the summit despite bad weather condition..We can't even have the perfect shots we want..All the scenery is covered with fogs, sweating in cold place hiking the rugged trail (I can't even tell if it is a trail) and atlast we reached the summit proud to be the first group regardless of the locals who go their but they are only few to name.We take some pictures and video despite the weather,we stayed their for atleast one hour.We leave the place going directly to Dacalan where we spent our first night.The people are hospitable, we eat for atleast five times for our dinner (House to House invitation) wild pigs,eels,small fishes etc...The night is memorable, I love to drink Gin while i hate it in Tabuk, we consumed 10 bottles of gin (Round) our pulutan is "Ugadiw" small fish..We wake up early the next day without feeling any hang-over..Our next target is Mt. Matabor where we can find the highEst water falls in Kalinga or the Cordillera i think or whatsoever because it was not even measured at all..The way to the waterfalls is the river itself so we decided to left our backpacks because even the river is so deep in some places..From Matabor we go directly to Lubo Tanudan to spent the night..same experience house to house invitation..They even butchered a pig for us, gave us some tokens like softbrooms,cofees etc..wake up early din after a long night of drinking (I think 3am ako nakatulog)...The only problem left for us is to climb again Mt. Tatakkan where we can find our service vehicle but not like binaratan it is a establish trail..someday when Mt. Binaratan will develop the climb would not be as hard as we did.It is an easy climb only when the place is develop..
Legends told that Mt. Binaratan "Silent Mountain" is the hunting ground of Kabunian,In one case ,he can't hear the barkings of his dogs so he ordered the birds to stay silent..long story to tell just read the books na lang hehe..

Thursday, March 8, 2007

CARAA 2007 Results



Athletics Baguio
Badminton Ifugao
Chess Baguio
Gymnastics Benguet
Lawn Tennis Baguio
Softball Mt. Province
Table Tennis Baguio
Taekwondo Baguio
Volleyball Baguio
Swimming Baguio


Athletics Baguio
Badminton Baguio
Baseball Kalinga
Basketball Ifugao
Chess Baguio
Football Benguet
Gymnastics Baguio
Lawn Tennis Mt. Province
Sipa Ifugao
Table Tennis Baguio
Taekwondo Baguio
Volleyball Baguio
Swimming Baguio


Archery Baguio
Arnis Baguio
Athletics Baguio
Badminton Benguet
Basketball Baguio
Boxing Baguio
Chess Baguio
Football Benguet
Gymnastics Baguio
Lawn Tennis Baguio
Sepak Takraw Baguio
Table Tennis Baguio
Taekwondo Baguio
Volleyball Benguet
Swimming Baguio


Archery Baguio
Athletics Baguio
Badminton Baguio
Basketball Baguio
Chess Baguio
Gymnastics Baguio
Lawn Tennis Benguet
Softball Baguio
Table Tennis Baguio
Taekwondo Baguio
Volleyball Kalinga
Swimming Baguio



Abra 76.5 26 102.5
Apayao 40 54 94
Baguio 272.5 236 508.5
Benguet 161 128 289
Ifugao 139 74 213
Kalinga 134 124 258
Mt. Province 99 105 204

Abra 21 20 41
Apayao 28 30 58
Baguio 350 350 700
Benguet 243 153 396
Ifugao 117 112 229
Kalinga 173 140 313
Mt. Province 182 80 262

Abra 97.5 46 143.5
Apayao 68 84 152
Baguio 622.5 586 1208.5
Benguet 404 281 685
Ifugao 256 186 442
Kalinga 307 264 571
Mt. Province 281 185 466

Friday, March 2, 2007

We are expected to be the champion in the Incoming CARAA!

Yeah! i am pretty sure we will win the game in basketball, not only the players are good in playing even the audiences..Off course we are all sure about it, our players are very good in stealing and they raised our banners as criticisms flow all the way from tsismis to media to the internet.. stealing is the key for winning the game in basketball, and of course team effort! but i am not talking about basketball at all.
Is their anything bad for the ear to hear such whispers that Mt. Province Swimming delegation have been robbed off at their own quarters? while they are sleeping..We don't care of the value being taken off but we should care enough for our own reputation as the host province for the CARAA meet.. WTF, they are our visitors, and an act by small groups in the conclusion of others becomes the reputation of the whole province..No more blaming for our officials! we lack to provide our visitors the security they needed and much worst they are 50m near the Police station block 5..(by the way i am not referring to our basketball players and audiences i just use the game to describe the matter at best hehe..)
We didn't learned from the past! During the provincial meet, one of the gun of the security personnels have been sad how much more to ordinary people and visitors like the delegations of MP..
Repetition of the same thing or process but you are expecting a different output or outcome is insanity...!!!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Looking for the real Blogger?

I have been reading so many Blogs and i found out this guys the real blogger, in many aspects he always updated his blog daily, we can learn a lot from his blog on many aspects...That is Bill Bilig " From the boondoocks" can visit his blogs at ...You can trust this man, any updated news on the cordilleras i will always depends on him, even comments he is always open... Maybe i can contribute to bill biligs success by providing him some informations about kalingas...kasi nga tayong mga taga kalinga everything is being paid as labor kahit walang ginawa man lang, di na tayo natuto sa mga SOP! =Suhol operating procedure para ma signed man lang ang isang project.... I will comment on the statistics of Kalinga being one of the most improved Province or etc....That is on the record lamang, Sang alaws "in the reports of development nung 2003 released by wacnang "Is their any existing roads from Tabuk to Tanudan To MT. Province? wen adda piman, napanda picture ti kalsa diay Asin Benguet tapos nalpas piman report..automatic da met gayam pero the reality is there is no road connecting Tanudan to Mountain Province...The only existing road is tinglayan to Mt province...

Monday, February 19, 2007

Educating The young ones on our Cultures

The picture on the left is my son, in traditional bahag playing the Gong i made from a can.. I just want him to grow as ekalinga.
I am just against our artist in the movie industry depicting our cultures and tradition in their own concept and interpretation..Even the Kalinga dance they even choreographed it with modern dance..
Maybe we should try to make an effort in trying to let the world understand what's really our culture is. I read a lot of impressions from the outside world that the Kalingas are Living in the mountains, ignorants, uncivilized people etc etc.. Yes that is the impression being made by the movie industry, and to those who pretends to speak for the Kalingas.
Today we are so modern that we couldn't even teach our children the proper way of using our traditional dresses and cultures.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Message from the Governor

Message of the Governor

On February 14, 1995, our people resoundingly ratified Republic Act 7878, which re-shaped the 29-year old Province of Kalinga-Apayao into two distinct, separate and independent provinces. On that day, too, we shed off our vintage political identity as “Sub province of Kalinga”.

A glimpse into the history of the province will unfold interesting chapters that could lend an eloquent importance to our political metamorphosis into a regular province.

It is noted that towards the end of the 300-year Spanish colonial rule, nothing is chronicled on the pages of Philippine history of a political entity called “Kalinga”. All that is offered by historians is that this land now called “Kalinga” was a forbidding expanse of impenetrable mountain villages and inhospitable plains inhabited by hardy remnants of malaria scourge.

Now, Kalinga beckons you to a thrilling, action-packed adventure. A destination boasting a distinct experience with nature and culture which ranges from white water river rafting, kayaking, trekking, mountain climbing, biking and village immersion.

At the outset of my administration, I have identified Nature and Culture as indispensable ingredients in achieving genuine development along with infrastructure and agricultural programs. It has become part of our strategy to attain the vision of “Consultative Governance”.

In fulfilling this vision, I urge the sectors; the service providers from the private sector, NGOs, POs and the Academe to continue strengthening their support and cooperation in preserving our natural resources and cultural heritage.

Matatago Tako Losan!