Monday, July 27, 2009

Who are the real enemy of the state?

we are blinded with the propagandas of the enemies.. yes!! they are the enemies who seats in congress trying to use any legal means to battle democracy..Their main objective is to let democratic people fights against democratic people.believers of democracy fight against believers of democracy...And yet many people believes in this people because of their promises of an everlasting green green grass of home life..their leaders ride with issues that battles the government.Their leaders claims to represent the oppressed but they did nothing for the people.. they always support the underground and makes the people idiot inorder for them to execute their plans...they are the masters of deception..they go for the majority flying like an angel..but to hell with them!!!!!!Palparan is right shooting the deceptive flying angels.....and yet this angels would claim to the human rights commission that they are victims of AFP execution even if they die from natural cause such as tuberculosis..