Thursday, August 6, 2009

Over emotion acting with Cory?

Since the past week when the Late President CORRY AQUINO have been the frontpage and airwaves sensation OVER newspapers,television,radio and the net, I am now beginning to question the real intentions and stupidity of those who are over reacting trying hard to be emotionally affected while in fact they have their own agendas, here are some topics i want to digest;

1. A lot of looser politicians will surely not attend the funeral or might even speak and criticized the former president, but since she (Cory) died before election, we see a lot of appreciation from former allies and critics of Aquino before..
2. They can no longer use the crowds for public appearance...or it might even be, their are no crowds after all..
3. The only people who will attend the wake are the sincere ones and true friends, allies, and the masses who sincerely supported both ninoy and cory.

Many of are fellow Filipinos are pushing some sort of things as follows;

CORY to become a national hero?

yes, regardless of status in life ,every single person who did something good for the country is a hero..but for my own opinion, CORY is very brave enough to fight against a wall (MARCOS)..and yes am not against it, By Ninoy through Cory we have restored democracy...

CORY to be paired with Ninoy in a Philippine Peso Bill?

Yes no big deal with that.Just a matter of remembering Cory who once stood 7 coup detat, and in recognition of his contribution to the country..

CORY to be honored as the best Philippine President being claimed by some politicians?

Big No...No need to elaborate..Am not against Cory but for not really convince..every president has its own pros and cons but it doesn't make me convince that CORY is the best of them all...I go for Ramon Magsaysay,Diosdado Macapagal, Ramos or Arroyo instead..or even Marcos as one of the best..since we filipinos are always looking for the con side i bet many will react why i mentioned Marcos..

CORY to become a saint?
This is the stupidity of the filipino people..