Monday, March 10, 2008

Mt. Binaratan Summer Climb 2008

Mt. Binaratan
Tanudan Kalinga Province
APRIL 05-13, 2008
Major Climb
1886 Meters Above Sea Level
Difficulty: Unclassified
Elevation Gain: "Climb will start at the dacalan river 520ft. ASL"
Hike will start atleast 10 hours fro jeepney jump off to the dacalan river (wet season), atleast 4 hours to dacalan river from jeepney jump off (Dry Season)

Day 0
1800-2100 ETD for Tabuk City via Autobus or Victory Liner (P565) 12 hours journey by bus

Day 1
0900 breakfast/Rest
1200 lunch
1300 Secure guides / Register/Prepare
1800 Dinner / socials

Day 2
0600 wake up call
0700 Board a 6x6 truck to Jump Off Site (Se-et Tanudan Municipality) 200php each fare
0830 Enjoy the ruggedness of the road
1200 Lunch at Jump off Site
1300 Assault to Mt. Tangob
1630 Descent From Mt kokok to Base Camp
1800 ETA Pugo Barangay Lubo Tanudan Kalinga
1830 Set up camp; dinner

Day 3
0530 Await the sunrise; prepare for breakfast and departure
0700 Start Trekking to Barangay Dacalan (Mt. Binaratan Base Camp)
1130 Lunch at Barangay Dacalan
1200 REST
1900 REST and prepare for tomorrow’s assault

Day 4
0530 Await the sunrise; prepare for breakfast
0700 Assault to the Summit of Mt. Binaratan
1130 Early lunch along trail
1830 ETA summit of Mt. Binaratan
1900 Set-up camp/Dinner
2000 Socials/Rest

2 Options

Day 5
0530 Await the sunrise; prepare for breakfast
0700 start descent from Mt. Binaratan
1230 Lunch Barangay Dacalan
1330 Wait for tomorrow to avoid night trekking OR
1330 Trekking to Matabor Falls
1700 ETA Matabor Falss
1800 Dinner
1900 River Night Trekking (Rock Jumping)
2400 ETA Barangay Lubo Tanudan
0100 REST

Day 6
0600 wake up call
0700 Prepare to Move /Assault to Mt. Kokok
1200 Lunch along the trail
1600 ETA jump-off site
1700 Take a 6x6 truck ride Back to Tabuk City
2100 ETA Tabuk City
2130 Dinner/ Socials

Day 7
0800 Breakfast
0900 Souvenir shopping
1200 Lunch
1600 Return to Manila/ Baguio via autobus/ Victory Liner/ Gl Trans/ Dangwa Tranco

REGISTRATION FEE: 600 inclusive of Pamasahe Going to Tanudan

Mt. Binaratan is dubbed as the silent Mountain, it is the entry point of General Aguinaldo during his escape. Mt. Binaratan is the boundary between Mountain Province and Kalinga Province.The environment is comprised of dense, mossy jungles, where animals such as wild boars and deer roam, and where limatik (blood leeches) are a constant menace.

Mt. Binaratan according to legend, is the hunting ground of kabunyan "The Kalinga God", Once upon a time when Kabunyan is hunting at Mt. Binaratan, the birds are too noisy that he can't even hear the barking of his dogs and he lose sight of them.He then ordered the birds to keep quite. Today Mt. Binaratan is popularly known as the silent mountain among the locals,

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Making some fun during Ullalim 2008

here are some edited videos during the Ullalim festival