Monday, January 28, 2008

Arnel Banasan

Here is the translation for the song

Children who are energetic and explorers
Ladies and Gentleman
Hear me for what will I share
The advice of the elders

You are a human being with intelligence
You should not scold your parents
Because the life you are enjoying right now
Is a credit to your parents and the lord god

Hahahaha hahahaha aaaaaa (tribal Chanting)

If you want to go to school
It's Either Baguio City or Manila
Try your very best
To earn a Diploma/Degree

If you want to marry
Think five times
Ask the elders about life after marriage
Because it is very hard to start a new family

(tribal Chanting) hahahahaaaaa aaaaaa aaaaa

If there are parties or occasion
Get along with the people
Hear the elders with their advice
That is how an ekalinga behave

When they offer wine
A wine that is very tasty
Drink it and enjoy
That is how an ekalinga behave
But don't drink too much
Because it will be bad for you
It will change the way you walk
You will walk in a zigzag pattern like angtan (Ghost)

(tribal Chanting) hahahaha hahaha ahahahaa

Children's!!! Ladies and gentlemen
Hear what I am saying
The advice of the elders

Let's go all learn the pagta (By Laws) of the Bodong
Because it is our law
A law that binds us
A law that dictates how we behave.....

Tribal Chanting...................... (less)

Stranded mountaineers rescued in Quezon

(UPDATE) Stranded mountaineers rescued in Quezon

Sixteen mountaineers stranded in Mt. Cristobal in Dolores, Quezon have been rescued by the Air Force's 505th Search and Rescue Group, ABS-CBN News reported Sunday.

The mountaineers, some of whom came from the Pencil Advertising Group, were stranded near the summit of Mt. Cristobal since Saturday, correspondent Ron Gagalac reported.

Two of the mountaineers identified as Sonny Angeles and Eric Sanchez sustained major injuries and were the first ones airlifted to the military's Southern Luzon Command headquarters in Lucena City.

Angeles had a broken knee while Sanchez suffered a shoulder fracture.

The remaining 14 mountaineers were airlifted in the second chopper to an Air Force camp in Candelaria in Candelaria town. They were being treated by Red Cross medical technicians as of this posting and are scheduled to leave for Manila afterwards.

The Pencil mountaineers were identified as Michael Nisperos, Lan Vilmonte, Oliver John Gomez, Jesus Valmonte, Tady Diaz and Reg Romanilios.

Aside from Angeles and Sanchez, the other injured mountaineers were named as Sam Kabiling, Jeremy Reyes, Teri Binambang, Jean Aparis, Alex Madrona, Coy Roxas, Jaime Magpayo and Arnold Garchitorena.

Officials said the rescue mission was made difficult by the zero visibility and strong winds near the mountain's summit.

The mountaineers said they took the wrong path in ascending the mountain. They said that the path was the one usually used by trekkers in descending from the peak.

Red Cross officials added that the wrong path used was the reason why the mountaineers were stranded.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Vanishing Culture

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Here's a video from GMA network featuring the Vanishing tattos of the Kalingas

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Are these e kalinga?

nope, they are koreanas performing during the CMI grand openning. if these koreanas loves to wear kalinga costumes It should be a reminder to those e kalingas who tends to forget their culture.

Photo courtesy of: Anlin Dixie (KOalaKittie)
Visit her multiply site here

Saturday, January 19, 2008

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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Lets make our pigs a tourist attraction Instead

How about this? instead of shooting astray animals in Kalinga which is not effective, may we then caution our motorists of the condition of the roads in Purok 5 Bulanao, Purok 6, Nambaran Tabuk, Agbannawag Tabuk.. In Kalinga sometimes it is very expensive to hit a pig on the road..