Saturday, January 19, 2008

Make Money Online

Get Paid On 3 Tiers...
Try this new audio advertizing on your blogs and websites
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NetAudioAds Pay-Per-Play (PPP) offers a generous (RESIDUAL) compensation plan that is designed to pay you in several ways:

TIER 1: Get paid 25% of what the advertiser spends "per play" on audio ads that you serve on your website(s). You get paid for every visitor that remains on any web page (where you place your PPP code) for more than 2 seconds.

20% of Internet users do not have their audio system turned on but you will be paid for 100% of your traffic where an audio ad is served whether it is heard or not. The price that our advertisers pay already takes into account that only 80% of their ads will actually be heard.

TIER 2: Get paid 5% of what the advertiser spends "per play" on audio ads that are served on the websites of those that you personally refer to the Pay-Per-Play opportunity.

TIER 3: Get paid 5% of what the advertiser spends "per play" on audio ads that are served on the websites of those that your direct referrals bring on board.

Competitive Commission Structure...

Because you are paid on 100% of your traffic a 25% commission is generous compared to what you may make per click with other ad programs.

Pay-Per-Play does not require any "clicking" by your visitors. The industry average click through rate on Pay-Per-Click programs is typically 5%. You should clearly see that a 25% commission on 100% of your web traffic (that is exposed to PPP audio ads) is a superior chose.

Best of all PPP audio ads do not interfere with other advertising that you may run on your website(s). In short, PPP is "found revenue" requiring no action from you other than placing PPP code on your web pages where you want visitors to hear 5 second audio ads from respected advertisers.

Weekly Pay...

NetAudioAds Pay-Per-Play pays all affiliates on a weekly basis. The more websites that you refer to this opportunity the more you will make.

How Much Can I Earn?

The amount you will earn will depend on whatever the current rate for advertisers is. This amount will change and vary depending on where ads are played and how large the PPP network is at any given moment.

The larger our network the more money we all earn. We predict that revenue per play will come in at $.01 (one cent USD) to $.03 (three cents USD) per audio ad played on average.

Because you are paid on 100% of your traffic that is exposed to PPP audio ads your ECPM (effective earning per 1000 visitors) could be between $2.50 and $7.50 (and higer) on each page where you place the PPP code.

This is just an estimate and we won't know the actual PPP average income until we officially launch on February 1st, 2008. You should sign up now and place the PPP audio ad code on your site right away. This will earn you the right to market this opportunity to others and lock in your slice of the action of those you refer on tier 2 and tier 3.

The larger our footprint, the more we will all earn on opening day. Don't delay in referring other websites into this opportunity right away. If you don't get your contacts involved now then someone else surely will. We are growing at a rate of 2 new websites per second right now.

We have a full line of training materials available to you after sign up. We need you to get as many people as possible to sign up right away. In exchange we are offering you lifetime residual income off of the effort of others.

Weekly payments will begin after February 1st, 2008.

No other advertising media network comes close to offering this kind of compensation structure. Sign up today...


Bill Bilig said...

Hey Nats, I already installed this hehe. Did you also install it in your websites? Hope let's make money to cover our costs hehe.

NATS said...

wen, padasen man.. it's like A pyramiding scheme pero wala naman money na involved for publisher kaya no harm in trying and no risk in trying