Sunday, November 12, 2006

Does the opposition helps in building our country?

I don't think the opposition have seen anything good from the present Arroyo administration, all they see is bad administration! While in fact they too have done nothing for the country. Of course they have done something; To destabilized the Government, trying hard to impeach the president and organizing rallies on the street, making propagandas and blind accusations. They (the opposition) always say that they are representing the voices of the sambayanan. how sure are they that the majority voice is the one that they are saying? Why is it that they didn't win in the filing of the impeachement? As simple as ABC and 123 they didn't have the majority..Then when you ask them why? they simply say that "controlado ni arroyo ang congress!. Then they start organizing paid rallies, free fare for those from the province, free meal and snacks and of course free allowance.hehe
I can't say anything about the present administration but progressive! ang karamihan kasi sa mga mis guided citizens pag mahirap sila kasalanan ni arroyo, mga squaters na pinalayas kasalanan ni madam..squatter nga..etc etc..puro kasalanan ni madam..kung tamad sila at indi naging maganda ang buhay kasalanan ulit ni madam..Why not try to reflect within our own self and ask what simple contributions we have done for the country. One bad rotten apple can destroy the whole we should stop blaming our own chaos to anybody rather than ourselves..

Does Macli-ing Dulag Deserves to be a hero?

for me I don't think Macli-ing dulag deserves to be called a kalinga hero, in the first place kalinga will not become the rice granary of the cordillera if the dam didn't exist..Note that the dam does not only function as turbine generator but it also includes irrigation projects.
may i ask you? do we have rice farms in tabuk and other municipalities with out the chico river dam? even if the dam is not fully finish it is still useful in irrigating our rice farms.They are selfish when they fought against it, they didn't even scale the benefits and disadvantages. They didn't think of the future of Kalinga..
In the next 20 yrs to come Kalinga will be needing a lot of electricity and our sources from other region in the country can no longer support our own supply..It is the Dam that will saves us although its already too late.residential areas near the chico river has dramatically increased..
So why do we call him a hero? if he did the worst decisions and fight during their time..after all we are the ones who is suffering now from brown outs, black outs etc..cause our supply of electricity comes from other regions,the move by some UPean declaring him as a hero is merely promote their own invested interest to call their movement don't be fool enough to call him a hero..
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