Sunday, November 12, 2006

Does Macli-ing Dulag Deserves to be a hero?

for me I don't think Macli-ing dulag deserves to be called a kalinga hero, in the first place kalinga will not become the rice granary of the cordillera if the dam didn't exist..Note that the dam does not only function as turbine generator but it also includes irrigation projects.
may i ask you? do we have rice farms in tabuk and other municipalities with out the chico river dam? even if the dam is not fully finish it is still useful in irrigating our rice farms.They are selfish when they fought against it, they didn't even scale the benefits and disadvantages. They didn't think of the future of Kalinga..
In the next 20 yrs to come Kalinga will be needing a lot of electricity and our sources from other region in the country can no longer support our own supply..It is the Dam that will saves us although its already too late.residential areas near the chico river has dramatically increased..
So why do we call him a hero? if he did the worst decisions and fight during their time..after all we are the ones who is suffering now from brown outs, black outs etc..cause our supply of electricity comes from other regions,the move by some UPean declaring him as a hero is merely promote their own invested interest to call their movement don't be fool enough to call him a hero..
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Anonymous said...

better check your grammar first before bravely venturing to make an uninformed opinion.

Buboy said...

here, my ignoramous friend... read this so that you will feel belittled by insulting the memory of a man who offered his life for his conviction... for the Cordillera people. Read on...


If Kabunian gave you a land of milk and honey
and ordered you to take care of it for posterity
What will you do if intruders want to take
it away?

I imagine that you will fight
For they who do not are ungrateful to
Kabunian; they value not His gift
They ignore his command to defend the land
in the name coming generation thousands of years from now
They who do not, spit on the graves of their ancestors
who preserved the land for them
For land is life
For life is the land

If you were in our place
You will fight
You will fire your guns as we raise our spears
You will probably pay your way to the justice system
that does not understand our ways
For that is what you did to grab the lands of people
Like us on the other side of the mountain

So do not be stubborn in your ignorance of
Why we refuse to vacate the land which had
always been our home

We are the Palestinians in Palestine
The Lumads in Mindanao
The Mangyans in Mindoro
We are the Martians in Mars

Go away. Let our people sleep in peace

Tonight. And the night after.

NATS said...

To anonymous- am sorry am not a writer. am a computer programmer and i am used in communicating with computers in a different language.

To Buboy- I may be ignorant, but in the first statement of my blog, i made it clear that it is my own opinion, by starting "FOR ME.......".. But for a man like you who believes that my opinion are facts, "I pitty you their is no cure for a man, more ignorant than me"

What happen to the "Balligi" term that i have been hearing since my childhood? Macli-ing may have the good intention but the people behind him has their own interest. Yes i have been with Mac-liing comrades before, i ate with them..also with balweg's comrade and even balweg..they are the ones who speak and i was just the one who writes about it.."Am refering to the ex-NPA rebels from Lubo who are now serving the AFP..

Answer me friend, Are their any developments since Macliing fought against the chico river?..Don't be blind..look at the chico river, the people whom macliing fought for are the ones who destroys the river itself ..kaingins, loggings, etc..garbage!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

dude, you don't actually understand the repercussion of the building of the dam, don't you?
let me educate you.
First of all, the dam was to be built on one of the most powerful rivers in the Philippines, which would actually be great since it could produce mass amounts of energy and provide supplemental water supplies to the villages in the vicinity of the dam. . . or would it. . . the dam was to be placed on the river and built so high that elimination of the surrounding villages would be imminent and the destruction of a large area of rain forests which are being preserved by the Kalinga people. . .
Second, the river is a huge threat to its surroundings during the rainy season due to its habit of massively flooding the river plains. . .
Third, the construction of the dam would harm ecosystems around the dam site by so much, that it might cause pollution of the river itself. . .
Taking into case the technology of the time, the building of such a massive dam, which would have dwarfed even San Roque or Ambuklao, would actually be so massive that the cost of production of said dam would cost the country, at that time, two thirds of its entire yearly revenue for that year of construction alone.
There are even more reasons to why Macli-ing Dulag and other of our tribesmen have sought to defend our homelands from such developments.
Remember that they didn't do it for themselves but for the generations to come. And so with the country and what it had to do at that time.
Son't go running your mouth over mere observations that you have half-researched, or half-thought about. . .

Anonymous said...

Mahirap pag nakalimutan na ng anak ang pamana ng ama.


Naawa ako hindi kay Amang Macli-ing, kundi sayo.

Wag sanang makalimutan ng anak mo ang mga kabutihang (meron ba?) nagawa mo ngayon.

APOY said...

to NATS,Macliing Dulag fought/died for what he knows is right..People have different opinions..He respects his forefathers that took care of that land thousand of years before and the generation before him..RESPECT!!thats what most people lack..

APOY said...

he·ro   [heer-oh]
–noun, plural -roes;
a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities.

--siguro naman meron si MACLIING DULAG ng mga ito?

Anonymous said...

exellente. bravo!!!

Anonymous said...

can't leave a comment. hehe masyadong magagaling sa mga english tong mga toh! but anyway, i agree with the arguments of APOY. that macli-ing is a hero. yon kasi ang point eh! macli-ing did fight not 4 his self but for the people of kalinga. he doest even know that after all he did they will recognize him as a hero. in fact, the gov't tries to offer him a favor, but he hesitate it. kung maibaibang tao yon na walang pikialam sa mga tao na nakatira sa mga villages na maaapektohan ng dam, maybe they just grab the apportunty and have the benifits. yon lang po masasabi ko. sorry kung ang mga english ko eh parang english ni robin padilla. wala tayong magagawa, idol ko eh!!! lol.

Anonymous said...

i'am not surprised by a person who do not know about the Indigenous peoples struggle for their land and life. I call this an uninformed opinion. You should read Philippine history books and know where you come from before posting blogs that belittle people. I pity you my dear, dams and electricity is not what this development should be about.

LB said...

He deserves to be a Hero of course, its true that he did fight for the people living along the river line not for his own.

I would like to correct your opinion NATS, First - Tabuk is still the rice granary of Cordillera even without the DAM. As of today, the city is considered the rice granary CAR. Second - People living along the chico lines were displaced if the said project was constructed. Yes, there are advantages of building Dams but the people of Montaniosa chooses to reject this project because they considered it as a threat to the lives of the people.
For electricity, well we do have our supply and there are other ways to get more sources of energy today by not building Dams that can destroy everything in its way.
I think, places within Lowland Kalinga would be submerged if the Dam pushes its construction.

Posting such idea could destroy the image of people fighting for the welfare of the masses.