Friday, November 9, 2007

A climb to the Forehead of Sleeping Beauty

I was in Baguio when my visitors arrive here in Tabuk on Oct. 28, 2007, from October 29 to 30 we had our pre climb training and seminar at Saint William's Academy, and we rappel at pasunglao bridge in preparation for the climb. On October 31, we boarded a 6x6 truck bound for Tanudan , It was a rugged 8 hours journey to our jump off site. Riding in a 6x6 truck is like riding in a roller coaster. It was a muddy road, sometimes we have to walk.Although the condition of the road is too bad, it gives pleasure and enjoyment to the mountaineers. The road is very dangerous for first timers, it's a one way lane beneath high ravines. at 1200H, we had our lunch at barangay Se-et Tanudan, supposed to be it is our jump off site and the start of our climb. By foot it would take six hours to reach Mt. Tatakkan (Jump Off site)traversing 3 mountains (Mt. Gimma, Mt. Kokok and Mt. Alli) atleast each mountain has an elevation of 1800meters above sea level. then a three hour hike to the village Barangay Lubo, base of Mt. Patukan or the Sleeping Beauty Mountain.
At 1600H, October 31, 2007 we finally arrived at Barangay Lubo. This area would be the start of our journey to the forehead of the Sleeping Beauty.Mountaineers from Manila are very surprised with the hospitality of the people, we stayed at the House of Mrs. Conchita Baggas a kagawad at the barangay. As usual with the Kalingas, it is a pleasure to have guest in our house, and butchering of the pig is a way of celebrating and welcoming the guest.We had a meeting with the villagers with regards to environmental awareness.

0700H Nov. 1, 2007 (The real Journey Begin)
(They Thought it was one mountain, how wrong they were. At the back of my mind is to traverse atleast 4 mountain before the final assault to Mt. Patukan (yan lang ang pwedeng daanan e.)
26 Participants join the Climb, 14 are from Manila and 12 are from Tabuk City Kalinga
at around 1100H we reached the summit of Mt. Dulliyao (First Mountain). We have to cook for our lunch their because it is the only place where water is available.At 0100H it is our assault to the top of Mt. Borngong (2nd Mountain), then Mt. Wagod our gateway to the jungle. Moral now is becoming low, leeches (alimatek or "matok") is everywhere, their are no existing trail so we had to clear our own way. Much worst, it rains. As a lead man, i am the one answering questions from the mountaineers "Nats Malapit na ba tayo?" and my usual answer that i inherited from the folks is "Malapit Lang, dyan lang" then they usually answer me back with "Hayop naman yung malapit, e indi na namin mabilang kung ilang bundok, akala namin iisang assault lang sa tuktok" "nats ilang oras pa?" sagot ko: Siguro mga 1 hour na lang..then after 3 hours sasalita na naman sila "Grabe naman yang time mo, sabi mo 1 hour e 1 min 3 hours na"
then finally at 1800h, after a tiresome hike, soaked and wet we are now in the summit of Mt. Patukan. We are welcome by fogs, wala kaming makita na view.

0600H (Wake up Call)
We are welcome by the beautiful scenic view of Bangad Tinglayan in the morning (syempre picture taking.Pero mga 15min lang nakalipas covered na naman ng fogs), we eat our breakfast then pack up for the much worst traverse route trail.
As a lead man, my original plan is to rapel a 90 degree waterfalls but my guide who is a hunter misunderstood me.Instead he guided us to a 60 degrees waterfall approximately 120 meters. At 1100H we cook our lunch in a small cave. Then a 2 hour hike down to the waterfalls top.2 of the mountaineers have cheated death during our descending, thanks to the rope.At 1400H we have to go down again a ravine at least 60degrees 180meters. Salamat at hindi umulan kundi patay na yung iba.. That ravine is very slippery even when it is dry, the chance of survival when falling is at least 10%.

1800H to 2400H (River Trekking at night Gappu River)
at last we reached the river by 1800H, a 6 hour river trekking without the chance of cooking food and coffee. we are all soaked and wet. everybody is low morale, everybody's feeling weak..We are blinded by total darkness navigating thru the lumination of some flashlights and headlamps whose battery are still working.Jump,slide,soaked and crawl.Some of the mountaineers requested me to set up an emergency camp but i refused due to my fear that when it rains, their's the possibility of flash flood.and now comes midnight and the promising sight of the hanging bridge...morale boost high... by 0030H we reached the village, then an all morning celebration!!!shot shot shot

0800H nov. 3, 2007 we proceeded to a small village near the tanudan river.. same all day we had funs with the natives teaching them how to rapel in a hanging bridge at Pugo Tanudan...same enjoy enjoy ..butchering of pigs...eating from one house to another...invitations from left to right....

0700H Nov. 4, 2007 (Good Bye Tanudan, welcome tragedies and storm)
1000H we reached Tatakkan then we aboard a 6x6 truck again! same roller coaster experience until Mt. Siblu where one of the crew of the truck was being hit by the rear wheel...The truck was trap,in the middle of a storm....

The mountaineers training have paid off during their return to Tabuk. One of the crew of the 6x6 truck have been hit by the rear wheel causing the truck to be traped in the middle of a storm, up in the mountain, exposed in open cold wind, from 10:30 AM until 6:45 PM. Along with the trap passengers are 3 infant babies bound to Tabuk for a check up. With no hesitation, members of the Sagka and Kalinga Mountaineering society responded to the victims with their first aid kits, medicines and bondages. “Habang binibigyan ng first aid yung victim, yung ibang mountaineers inilabas na lahat ng mga portable stove para magpa-init ng tubig para sa gatas ng mga bata, tsaka para magluto ng kape dahil sa sobrang lamig. Nilabas na rin naming lahat ng thermal blanket kasi nanginginig na lahat nung mga pasahero sa truck, pati mga ground sheets. Dahil Sa sobrang lakas ng hangin at ulan. Hindi kami nanghihinayang na naputol yung climbing rope namin sa panghatak sa sasakyan kasi nga nakatulong naman kami. 3 tons lang capacity ng climbing rope e yung sasakyan halos 15 tons kasi.Kahit sobrang mahal ng climbing rope hindi kami nanghihinayang. Ang nasa isip lang naming nun mga panahon yun ay madala yung biktima sa ospital baka matetano kaya pinalakad na naming ibang members hanggang barangay seet Tanudan. Para magtawag ng sasakyan.” (Quoted from: Noel Montano a movie director and the head of SAGKA)

atlast by 2100H andito na kami sa Tabuk!!! but we are welcome by brown out...all night party till morning!!!!!

0900H Nov. 5, 2007 (Looking for souvenir shops in Tabuk)
shopping shopping
1200H Lunch Lunch Lunch (we are invited at Crispin Gayagay's house as usual butchering of pigs!!)
1630H good Bye Kalinga!!!!

****Kalinga May not offer the highest mountains to climb, but it offers what it takes to enjoy your Journey and adventure****

Mt. Patukan is 1906 meters above sea level




arcibald said...

kakaibang experience. mukhang mahirap nga ang climb na ginawa, daming chances na mahulog at mamatay.

Bill Bilig said...

Mukhang mahirap ginawa ninyo ah. Good thing that you were there to help the people in that accident. Hope the victims are okay now.

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