Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Looking for the real Blogger?

I have been reading so many Blogs and i found out this guys the real blogger, in many aspects he always updated his blog daily, we can learn a lot from his blog on many aspects...That is Bill Bilig " From the boondoocks"..you can visit his blogs at http://igorotblogger.blogspot.com/ ...You can trust this man, any updated news on the cordilleras i will always depends on him, even comments he is always open... Maybe i can contribute to bill biligs success by providing him some informations about kalingas...kasi nga tayong mga taga kalinga everything is being paid as labor kahit walang ginawa man lang, di na tayo natuto sa mga SOP! =Suhol operating procedure para ma signed man lang ang isang project.... I will comment on the statistics of Kalinga being one of the most improved Province or etc....That is on the record lamang, Sang alaws "in the reports of development nung 2003 released by wacnang "Is their any existing roads from Tabuk to Tanudan To MT. Province? wen adda piman, napanda picture ti kalsa diay Asin Benguet tapos nalpas piman report..automatic da met gayam pero the reality is there is no road connecting Tanudan to Mountain Province...The only existing road is tinglayan to Mt province...

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