Friday, March 2, 2007

We are expected to be the champion in the Incoming CARAA!

Yeah! i am pretty sure we will win the game in basketball, not only the players are good in playing even the audiences..Off course we are all sure about it, our players are very good in stealing and they raised our banners as criticisms flow all the way from tsismis to media to the internet.. stealing is the key for winning the game in basketball, and of course team effort! but i am not talking about basketball at all.
Is their anything bad for the ear to hear such whispers that Mt. Province Swimming delegation have been robbed off at their own quarters? while they are sleeping..We don't care of the value being taken off but we should care enough for our own reputation as the host province for the CARAA meet.. WTF, they are our visitors, and an act by small groups in the conclusion of others becomes the reputation of the whole province..No more blaming for our officials! we lack to provide our visitors the security they needed and much worst they are 50m near the Police station block 5..(by the way i am not referring to our basketball players and audiences i just use the game to describe the matter at best hehe..)
We didn't learned from the past! During the provincial meet, one of the gun of the security personnels have been sad how much more to ordinary people and visitors like the delegations of MP..
Repetition of the same thing or process but you are expecting a different output or outcome is insanity...!!!

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