Monday, February 19, 2007

Educating The young ones on our Cultures

The picture on the left is my son, in traditional bahag playing the Gong i made from a can.. I just want him to grow as ekalinga.
I am just against our artist in the movie industry depicting our cultures and tradition in their own concept and interpretation..Even the Kalinga dance they even choreographed it with modern dance..
Maybe we should try to make an effort in trying to let the world understand what's really our culture is. I read a lot of impressions from the outside world that the Kalingas are Living in the mountains, ignorants, uncivilized people etc etc.. Yes that is the impression being made by the movie industry, and to those who pretends to speak for the Kalingas.
Today we are so modern that we couldn't even teach our children the proper way of using our traditional dresses and cultures.


Bill Bilig said...

Nagtaraki met ti anak mo ah. Its good to really introduce kids to our customs and traditions while they are young.

Novie Mae said...

Im really proud of people who keeps our culture and traditions. Kalinga forever!

NATS said...

thanks billand novie

anta said...

whew!i am proud of u pare!!! two thumbs up!