Friday, July 6, 2007

Kalinga Visitors are protected by the Bodong

Killing someone's visitor is just like killing a family member of the host..In the old tradition of the pagta "You have to avenge the killing of your visitor"but the new revised pagta still considers killing a visitor a taboo but avenging it is not permitted..

Section 5 Article 7 of the pagta
Section 5. Wakwak - Any binodngan who kills a visitor whether a binodngan or not at his house or outside the house within the bugis within twelve (12) hours is liable. The offender, in addition to the penalty of the crime committed, shall pay a fine (multa) of one (1) carabao to be given to the host of the victim.

To a Kalinga, killing a visitor who ate and drunk the food and water of his host is tabooed (paniyaw/kaniyaw). It is believed that the offender will not live a long and happy life.

It is the highest form betrayal for you have fed him, only to bring out the food from his stomach. Wakwak literally means “killing a person whereby the food eaten by him is spilled”.

Traders went to Lubuagan to sell goods. They were fed but they were killed. That is wakwak.

Another example of wakwak is the root cause of the tribal war between Lubo and Tulgao. Some men from Tulgao passed through Lubo. They were fed there, after which they proceeded to Mangali. While there, they were killed for unknown reasons. The people of Lubo resented the killing and avenged their death. Thereafter, they went to report the incident to Tulgao for the tumo.

Instead of giving the customary thanksgiving, the people of Tulgao killed them - that sparked the tribal fight in 1939.

That was the way in the past. You have to avenge the killing of your visitors. But Christian as we are, we have to obtain justice in a way consonant to the present view that killing as a way dispensing justice is prohibited. The offender now is liable to pay a fine of one (1) carabao whether the case is filed in court he is still obliged to pay the damages under the bodong.The bodong recognized our justice system.and the bodong is outside the decision of the court.

Binodngan= any member of a tribe within a bodong
Bugis= Territory of the bodong

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