Monday, June 16, 2008

Kalinga gov recalls heroes' sacrifices on Independence Day

Tabuk City, Kalinga (14 June) -- Governor Floydelia R. Diasen said that we need to relive the traits of the country's heroes and patriots who sacrificed and fought for independence that shaped the nation today.

"The strength of character, strong sense of patriotism and nationalism is now a rare commodity, and so let us live up to the ideals, visions and aspiration of our uncompromising and selfless heroes and patriots who have fought and died for our liberation or independence towards self determination," the governor expressed.

"Let those vision and ideals reverberate among us especially among the young and serve as a guiding path in doing our share in shaping our nation to be great again," she said in her speech keynoting the 110th Independence Day celebration in the province.

She said that this year's theme "Republic Service tungo sa Ganap na Kalayaan at Kaunaran is "timely since we are again confronted with another formidable battle - the battle against poverty."

"Year in and year out, still some of our constituents remain under the bondage of poverty," she said pointing out that "we need to respond immediately and focus our concerted efforts in improving our food security programs."

She stressed that "It is true that we won our political independence but sad to say that we are still fighting for economic progress, so we need to form a powerful human chain for our economic advancement."

She added, "we should not always put the blame to the president, to our local leaders or officials for every problem and crisis that we are facing but instead do our part and share to help solve the problem and unite towards the progress of every family, community, municipality, province and the country."

"We should not be always asking what the country or government can do for us, instead ask ourselves what we could do for our country," the governor underscored concluding her message. (ggd/PIA-Kalinga)

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