Friday, June 6, 2008

Another Stupid Filipina Racist

here is your comment when some people being offended by your blog requested to omit the word igorot from your blog "Hinding hindi..!Opo, ganun na po ang takbo ng mundo.

No harm intent.

No excuses,no apologies, no deletion in my blog post, Im expressing my thoughts as an author, and I dont mean to be nasty to the Igorots.I even wrote: Maybe...

We all experienced to be critizised, it has been part of our culture.

Igorot na to!
bisaya ka!
taga bundok ka!
timang ka!
napa ka okray mo!
jologs ka!
taga tondong to!
stupid ka,
saudi ka lang pala galing eh...
katulong ka lang hoy
etc etc."

ok no problem, if people are not responsible enough with their blogs so am i, this is great, you want it so... i am trying to be irresponsible also...

here's what this filipina guy married to a French living in moroco the place of rich people as she stated in her blog..

I have an internet shop in Philippines. And it has been running for five years.
It experienced raids, black out for a week, or no internet connection for three weeks...conned by persons who try to stop/spoil the business... Storm... Attacking drug addicts...
A lot to mention.

But I stay within the law, paying my liscences and obey the city ordinances on operating an internet shop.
So far so good.

As my daughter is the one managing it since I left for France 2004, Michel and I decided to give her the rights to run the business of 24computers. Tough job. She has to deal all.
Including the problems she faced in applying a BIR(Bureau of Internal Revenue) Registration.

She went to Antipolo cityhall to inquire about it.

Requirements are:
Mayors Permit and Dept of Trade and Industry.
But the thing is, they discovered that I didnt register at BIR my shop for five years since it existed!
Voila, penalty ang Lola.
Ayoko. I dont want to pay.
Di daw pwede.
So I hired an accountant.
The one who will not do me up.
I inquire the net. Wow, there are lots.But, I dont trust them.
I could have hired Mr Lazarus. He seems honest and inspired confidence.
But he is in Cebu!
I contacted Atty Pulido.
She endorsed me her accountant.
Eh voila, accountant send me an email about her service fees and what she will be doing.She will audit my shop monthly.
She told Loraine to email her all business documents.
After two days, she emailed me:
She noticed that we had the DTI permit expiring on September 2008.

She proposed this:
"As you didnt register your business after 30days of DTI Liscence last year 2003, you will be paying a lot based on the income of the shop."
But,you dont have any records of sales since 2003,to show how much you earned for five years, so I advice Lorraine to apply the DTI under her name. All liscences will be under her name. You as the previous owner will sign a document called Deed of Assignment to prove that it is now Lorraine's business.
We must start the business properly.

Okey ako don... She seems good in what she's doing.

She sent me her service fees. I negotiate a bit her price,via emails and she said, ok.

Deed of Assignment was signed by me, witnessed by Michel and Maghie.We sent it via scan email.

Loraine applied first the DTI in her name.
Then Lorraine negotiate at Antipolo Business Liscence,that it is the same business, but now under her name, so they just change names of all our Business Liscence. No charges.

When DTI papers are ready, the accountant went to BIR at Antipolo cityhall to do the work.

But, BIR Registration office said to her, I as the shop owner, must pay them a penalty for not registering the business five years ago.
I stumped my feet like a high horse, but Lolo said, its better than 100,000 pesos or more ow!
Okey, I told the accountant, green light to that.

We faced another problem.

Lorraine's tax account number is in Quirino Province near Isabela Region.
We were all surprised, she never been there, how come she got one applied in Quirino?
It was discovered that she applied her tax account number online and it went to Quirino Province.
Thats how, high tech Computer of BIR is?!!

The Marikina BIR, handling Antipolo business registrations, said, they need the original copy of the Tax Account application form with her number,to be transfered and to be put in their data base, then Lorraine can register as a tax payer in Antipolo.
Lorraine can then apply a BIR Registration for her business.

The accountant called the Quirino BIR office. The chief there said, he will send one copy to Marikina. (Oh Promise Me.) A week past, nothing arrived.

Accountant called again, Chief BIR said: "there was a storm here, all LBC and fax are out of order. We are waiting for another week."

Another week past, still no records sent.

Accountant informed me via emails, she followed it up constantly to the Chief Bir, he said he sent it already. I was annoyed. Just a piece of paper, it took nearly a month?????!!!!!! I took the BIR's celphone number and call him via long distance.

I was imagining how far from civilisation is Quirino Province?
Is it on the top of the mountain?
Is it a remote area going down from a mountain,where you get a carabao ride to go to the city?
Is he an igorot, thats why he doesnt understand the importance of paper works and time?!!!

If he still do not want to send the paper by fax or LBC(speed mail),after a week, I am willing to send Lorraine there, advising her, she must bring a rope and rubberboots,and a (compass, Michel added) in case she has to climb trees and cross rivers, haha.
And if it is that bad the road, SWAT Team na lang kaya papuntahin ko don???!

(Out of desperation girls, my brain runs wild!)

Im blah blah to Michel: "The Bir Head of Quirino must be sacked,for delaying money for the Government!!!!"
(There, I am really that desperate!)

I talked to the Quirino BIR head, and he was very polite, so my anger subsided.

He said, "A week storm strucked the area, all phones are cut, some services do not function."
I was thinking, he must had to attend to his family and his carabaos and goats and hens. You see, sometimes, we have to understand that at least, HE stayed in that area, to look after BIR tax office, when he could have been in Manila in a cozy Makati Building in Rockwell...
I changed gear of my anger and congratulated him of his dedication to his work.
Bah, they are heros in their own way pala?!

I offered him to pay his troubles in sending us the paper in Isabela 37kms away from Quirino Province. He doesnt want to.
I insisted that I am discussing with him in a business manner, and it is not because of other reasons. I just dont want the papers to be delayed.
He said, he will do it today.

I adviced him to text message the details of his bank account in Quirino, so that the accountant will reimburse him his expenses. He said:
Wag na Mam, ok na po. Wala po charges.

I started to guess, baka nga Igorot eto? I dont have any goat or hen to pay him, if he doesnt want money haha.I said, I will inform the accountant to send you the money,please send her your bank details. He said, thank you mam, but really, its not a big thing.

The next day, the accountant inform me she recieved a call from Marikina BIR that the LBC arrived. And a text from a Mr in Quirino about his bank details. He said, the cost doesnt exceed 500pesos.I told Lorraine to transfer cash via internet from her bank to Quirino bank for Sir, BIR Chief.

With that, I relaxed.Okey na.

Then last Monday, BIR informed us, from 6000pesos, we must pay 7000pesos penalty due to a month delay.


Reminding those in France, May 31 is the last day to file our taxes to the Govt.
Yes, we must "support" them, they need money too...
Especially France...

So thats a looong story of Lorraine's Tax account Number. One day, I will go to that area, Quirirno Province. Maybe Michel can experience riding on a carabao.

What do you think?

you can visit her blog here
sorry francesca stupid din kasi ako e


lottery winners said...

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Anonymous said...

good. she deserve to be treated that way. she was given chances to apologize, but she can't even do it.

besides, she's married to a frenchman, who is one of those freakin' stereotyped ass that was saved from the nazis, and don't even know how to appreciate or say thanks.

Anonymous said...

kapal mukha talaga.
parang sino kong umusta, e sa kalabaw lang

Anonymous said...

gago ka kala mo kung sino karing malinis? examine yourself first if nagkamili yung tao sa tingin mo din be educated to confront her. Galing mo gumawa nang image nang demonyoha parang sanay na sanay? demonyo karin bah?!
She is not bad as you think and making her and image like this is NOT FAIR she don't deserve it! she did commit and error but showing this image to people is very nasty more nasty than what she did, YOU ARE VERY NASTY!!
AMBASSADOR of Francesca

NATS said...

indi nga ako malinis e..stupid nga din ako.. she wants to treats others like that, so i am just letting it feel too kung ano feel.. baka kailangan nyang hawakan ang apoy bago nya sabihin na mainit.. atleast ha i am not commenting as anonymous..

Anonymous said...

HOY! hwag niyong insultuhin ang impyerno by putting francesca there.

bwa-hahahahahaha! lintik lang ang walang ganti. do not apologize and do not correct anything. freedom blogging! yo-hooo!

e_baguio said...

ahaha dagijay anonymous nga mang tirtira kenyam ket kakadwa na dagijay!!! hala ipakitam man ken iska ""THE WRATH OF THE I-KALINGA""..hanak nga tga kalinga ngem adu kasinsin ku jay!! send mu dytoy pics ni lola iska ijay email address na kadi!!

agaramid ka pai ti pics nga mangpapaintas man ken lolak nga francesca


napintasak said...



Anonymous said...

can someone give me the real name of this guy francesca..i mean complete name, i am interested to research on her

Anonymous said...

okis ti saba na kitdin dayta nga iskang!!!
nag ganas koma nga tibab-tibaben.
of course those people who are defending her have the same kind of thinking, or she could be the same person.

and to iskang and her friends, we are not saying that she is bad at all, the issue here is her arrogance and insensitivity.

i agree with you that making her image is really unfair, kasi kulang pa yan na description niya.kahit na pagsamahin mo ang kagalingan mo sa photoshop or adobe, di kayang retokin ang pagmumukha niya. ganyan kakapal ang pagmumukha niya.hahaha said...

go go go nats.
nayunam pay kitdi dayta image na a...kapal mukha talaga, koma ngarud no napintas, pangkis

she deserved all the comments she got. what's to lose to apologize?, and even to do a simple kind of courtesy, she can't even do it .

it's proven that she doesn't have any good manners at all. i am always fair to anybody and i always say and tell that "everyone has his own worth and dignity" but her reasoning is so despisable, i exempted her.

talaga nga kasta, ada ti napeklan nga agraraman, nga uray enya ikastam ket han da masursurwan.
dagmel, badarong and bantiwel ketdin......nga kuna ti babakets

NATS said...

here is the you tube version for francesca

Antifrancesca the devil said...

FRANCESCA??? it may not be her real name. baka nagpapalit lng ng name para bumagay sa France.
she doesnt want to apologize? shame on her. PANGIT NA NGA SYA PANGIT PA UGALI NYA. if i know pokpokers ang dating nya--un bang nag-asawa ng manyakis na mga foRangers para lang makaluwag sa buhay. (sige awayin nyo ako sa statement ko, but if that stooppid francesca regarded as igorot ung mga di marunong makaintindi, pokpokers din tawag ko sa mga gaya ni francesca)

--from a kalinga girl

kouya said...

She deserves to be publically humiliated.

Who cares about her not apologizing, thats normal filipino culture. We love claiming great hospitality but its never been true.

Anyway shes a crook and thief.she doesnt pay taxes or have registration. she became a gold-digger that wanted to marry her money and get away. then she opens an internet cafe but apparently is completely stupid about basic technology and business managment.

no, she should loose the business and spend a few months in jail for tax-evation and illegal businesses.

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