Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lubuagan, Kalinga to hold 1st Lumin-awa festival on August 18-20

by Lito Dar

Baguio City (9 August) -- In celebration of the centennial founding anniversary of the first civil government of Lubuagan town in Kalinga, the local government unit in cooperation with the Department of Tourism will be holding its first "Lumin-awa" festival on August 18-20.

Lubuagan Mayor James Alunday in a press conference last week explained that the "Lumin-awa", is synonymous to "guminhawa", or to be relieved or relaxed in mind, spirit and health.

The three-day festivity aims to boost the town's economy and development, as he stressed that education, health and tourism are their priority.

The three-day Lumin-awa festival features grand parades, indigenous games/songs/sounds, Agro Industrial Exhibits/fair, stage programme, field presentations and medical/dental mission. The mayor is inviting everybody, local and foreign tourists alike, to witness or discover their rich cultural heritage.

According to Lubuagan municipal tourism officer Luisa Inga, one of the tourist attractions in their town is the "Tiwood" fertility spring. She cited the 30 families within the vicinity of the spring who were blessed with twin children. She also mentioned some testimonies regarding couples with no children who have had their own babies after going to the spring.

Meantime, Engr Paul Masilayan, consultant for special event, revealed that another attraction in Lubuagan is the mysterious Calamayan waterfalls. Mayor Alunday attested that nobody had successfully taken a picture of the said waterfalls except for an American tourist, who bought a pig first and butcher it in the area, before taking a picture.

DOT-CAR Director Pura Molintas assured their support, to what she described as a "grandeur occasion", in terms of promotional support and media coverage. Through the festival, we are promoting the "eco-tourism" of Lubuagan, which she called "home of artisans and great artists". (PIA)


Blushing Bride said...

how to go to tiwod fertility spring?

Anonymous said...

go to victory liner quezon city the bus leave at 7 pm to tabuk kalinga apayao from tabuk to lubuagan, you need to ride a jeep to tiwood spring aprox. 2 hrs but you have to be prepared bcoz the road are terribly rough but some roads are under construction .... good luck

Anonymous said...

would you know what the approx travel time is between baguio and tabuk?

if we leave tabuk early in the morning for tiwood spring, can we still make it back on tabuk on the same day?

where in tabuk would you recommend that we stay the night?


Vi Arboleda said...

i hope this reply still serves its purpose.

it can take you anywhere from 9 to 12 hours if you're coming from baguio (via bontoc), since you have to go around mountains. might as well enjoy the view. :)

if you're using public transpo, the first bontoc-tabuk bus that will pass by lubuagan (where the fertility spring is) at 10am. the 2nd bus that you'd want to take going to tabuk passes by at 12pm.

better make sure to just stick to drinking from the fertility spring, stay for a cup of coffee offered by the person who'd offer to guide you there, and wait for the bus before 12pm.

if you have a car, you can take your time chatting with the warm and hospital lubugan folks. it's advisable to leave at 3pm at the latest, since there is an ongoing road expansion there.