Monday, August 4, 2008

12 projects approved for KALAHI-CIDDS 2nd cycle in Pinukpuk


Pinukpuk, Kalinga (2 August) -- Twelve barangays in this town found new hope to improve the socio-economic conditions of their locality after members of the Barangay Representative Team (BRT) approved their proposal for funding under the Kapitbisig Laban sa Kahirapan – Comprehensive and Integrated Delivery of Social Services (KALAHI-CIDSS) program.

Approved proposal according to ranking are two units flood control project of brgy. Ammacian; the four-unit deep well water system proposed by Camalog Barangay; Pinococ Day Care Center; Barangay Health Station of Bayao; Solar Power Electrification of Asibanglan; Village Water System of Aciga; three units multi-purpose pavement (MPP) of Taga; construction of irrigation canal in Wagud, Solar Power Electrification of Limos; two units MPP of Mapaco; Solar Power Electrification of Baay and the construction of a 12 meter concrete footbridge in Allaguia.

During the presentation of proposals, Barangay Ammacian got the highest votes for their two units flood control proposal to redirect the flow of water back to the main stream after it deviated too close to the communities and farm lands during Typhoon Mina resulting to the drowning and death of some people and destruction of properties.

Said project costs around P1.48 million requiring P1.06M fund from KALAHI-CIDDS, P328,150.00 from the Local Government of Pinukpuk, P49,000.00 from the barangay and the rest as share of the community following the counterpart scheme of all KALAHI-CIDDS projects in the country.

The four units of deep-well in barangay Camalog, on the other hand, will be distributed in four puroks not reached by stream water. These will likewise provide water for travelers traversing the area which is just along the provincial road. This proposal costs around P.69M with a counterpart of P438,933.00 from the KALAHI-CIDDS.

Considering the distance of the barangay from health facilities in the municipality and the remoteness of its Puroks, Barangay Bayao opted for a P.95M barangay health station (BHS) to provide first aid treatment, consultation and child and maternal care in the area. It was reported that several people in the area died because they were not provided with immediate medical attention. KALAHI-CIDDS is required P674,783.00 to fund said project.

Meanwhile, having seen the urgency to provide lighting among households the proposals of Barangays Baay, Asibanglan and Limos for solar power electrification were all approved. Said projects cost a total amount of about P2.93M requiring a fund allocation of P2.12M from the KALAHI-CIDDS. These would be providing each household a portable solar powered lamp.

Barangay Aciga, on the other hand, got the nod of the evaluation team after presenting the people's plight of not having clean drinking water in the community which has resulted to unsanitary environment and illness among the populace. Said village water system would require KALAHI-CIDDS P595,928.00 to fund the P825,928.00 project.

Likewise approved were the proposal for a two units multi-purpose pavement (MPP) amounting to P415,000.00 in Barangay Mapaco and three units MPP in Barangay Taga costing P654,000.00. KALAHI-CIDDS will be providing the amount of P292,161.00 and P450,450.00 respectively.

Pinococ, one of the remotest barangays proposed for a day care center since children in the area have no means of availing pre-school services.KALAHI-CIDDS is set to allot P592,932.00 for the P805,932.00 project.

Barangay Wagud needs an irrigation canal to be able to cultivate and utilize a vast area of idle lands for farming and rice production in the barangay. The project requires a funding of P890,000.00 with a total of P567,925.00 KALAHI-CIDSS share.

Barangay Allaguia is aspiring for a more stable and durable footbridge to replace the bamboo makeshift bridge across a river entering their barangay to ensure safety of those passing by especially during the rainy seasons.Said concrete foot bridge would be needing the amount of P265,000.00 with P195,484.00 from the KALAHI-CIDDS.

From the total amount of P9,844,658.00 for said projects, KALAHI-CIDDS will be allocating P6,996,448.41 with the remaining amount of P2,848,209.59 as counterpart of the MLGU of Pinukpuk and the recipient barangays.

KALAHI-CIDDS is one of the comprehensive social services of the Arroyo Administration in fighting poverty funded by the World Bank with counterparts from the government and concerned LGU's and implemented through the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD). (ggd/PIA-Kalinga)

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