Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Scholars no more?

This thousands of students will loose their dreams of pursuing and finishing their college education when the supreme court decided to reversed the cityhood of Tabuk Kalinga. Shown in this video are the LGU scholars of Tabuk Kalinga Province funded through the city budget but might be terminated when Tabuk will go back to it's Municipal budget..In the otherhand hundreds also have been laid off of their work in the Municipal hall due to the cityhood problem.

Mayor Bautista of Baguio city is the only Mayor that opposes the granting of cityhood to Tabuk in the Cordilleras. He signed and joined the league of cities who filed and opposed the cityhood of 15 municipalities including Tabuk to the Supreme Court..If you are a registered voter in Baguio, bear in mind what kind of a cordilleran bautista is.. 2010 might be the judgement day not from the supreme court but by the voters

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Gina from seo company said...

hat shouldn't happen.
The government should put an attention to this issue.
Scholars are the best product that the country can produce.
They must be supported by the government.